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Your First Lesson with a Tutor

Setting the Scene

Tutorial sessions should take place in a separate quiet room in your home, so that both student and tutor can work undisturbed. We suggest that you leave the door open and that the parent or guardian pop in regularly to see how things are going. This is reassuring for everyone. A parent or guardian should always be present in the home during a tutoring session.

If you are going to the tutor's home, please think safety first and make sure that the student does not visit the tutor alone until they are totally comfortable with the tutor. Even then we recommend that a parent or guardian is present during lessons.

Before your First Lesson

It is helpful to think about what you have difficulty with or what you dislike about the subject you will be tutored in so you and your tutor can discuss your needs.

We recommend that you ask to see qualifications the tutor has declared in his profile page during the first lesson. If the tutor has a police clearance certificate or has said they can offer references ask to see these as well. We advise tutors to expect this and to have these ready.

First Lesson

  • This is an opportunity for you to see how you and the tutor get along.
  • The tutor will want to talk about your subject and the areas you have difficulty in.
  • The tutor will probably expect you to do some exercises with you to understand your learning style and where you are at.

As your Lessons Progress

  • Don't be afraid to ask your tutor if you need to go slower, faster, make your lessons easier or more difficult.
  • Also let your tutor know if you want to change anything about the content or structure of the lessons.
  • Please help other parents and students by leaving feedback on First Tutors: NZ.about your tutor.