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How To Choose The Right Tutor For Your Child

Choosing a tutor for your child is an important decision. You are bringing someone into his or her life that will guide them and influence their learning. It is important that you get it right.

Ask the tutor about their qualifications, experience and reference. If possible use a tutor provider to help with showcasing references for tutors. Teacher and student need to have good rapport between them. Give it five to eight lessons to develop, but if the relationship is struggling, look for another tutor.

If possible, make sure the lessons take place when the student functions at their best, when the student is ready to learn and not when he or she is tired. If the student is at school, you can arrange for tutoring to take place during school hours. Schools do accommodate for this as RTLB's work then as well.

Make sure the tutor is clear about the goals of the tutoring, or the focus. For example, you may want to focus on a specific subject like reading or maths. It could also be remedial work or how to study. If possible make sure the student gets two or more lessons per week in the area they need work in. Students learn mainly by doing and repetition, and it takes time to see improvement. For this reason you may want to make a series of small goals rather than one big goal. If the goal seems to far away and too difficult to attain, or it seems too long a time to get there the student will get discouraged. Smaller goals and shorter distances between them will help towards making progress which will encourage the student and motivate them to work harder.

If you find it difficult to find a suitable tutor, use an agency or website designed for the purpose of finding a tutor. They usually have a large selection to choose from, and it would be easy to chat with several tutors online about their experience without committing too fast and making the wrong choice. You need to talk to the tutor often to monitor the student and tutor's relationship and the student's progress. Also encourage the student's class teacher to get involved and talk to the tutor about the areas the student needs help with.

Above all, talk to your child about why tutoring is necessary and always involve your child with all decisions. This way, the student will learn to take responsibility for his or her own learning.

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