Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Been able to get many great minds to work out tough questions and have had reliable work come out of this service. I appreciate the fact that the admins keep track of what occurs during communication.”

Don, Winnipeg (19/11/2015)

“What an amazing website!

Not only have I found work through this site as a tutor, but I have found individuals who I truly connect with and am able to help succeed. It is such a privilege to be a tutor and meet such wonderful individuals. I love this site because it was such an easy process to get connected, very cheap to use and pairs people very well!”

Julie, Orillia (24/02/2015)

“Thanks a lot firstTutors. Great platform for teaching.”

Tejas, Mount Royal (14/04/2015)

“I just love your website. I like everything: the information that you ask from prospective tutors and students, the marketplace, the feedback… Just one thing: I did not know the equivalent of my French diplomas and was not able therefore to leave them on the website.”

Olivia, Westmount (25/11/2014)

“I have been trying to get a job as a tutor, but as a High School Graduate, I just couldn't compete against people with various degrees. But on First Tutors Canada, I quickly registered, and before the school year even began, I had my first client who was 10 minutes away from my house. The job practically fell into my lap.”

Peter, Edmonton (11/08/2014)

“I'm really happy because I have a lot of students to teach!!! :)”

Jakub, Westmount (19/07/2014)

“This is such a great site! I have had many tutor requests since I registered a couple years ago. Never thought I would have that many. I like how we can communicate with the student first before accepting the request, to ensure there is a schedule match and the location is arranged. I highly recommend everyone to use this site when looking for a tutor or tutee.”

Michelle, Hamilton (11/10/2013)

“I am extremely impressed by the First Tutor's approach to tutoring. They bridge the distance between the teacher and the student at a minimal cost. I truly appreciate your services.”

Fatima, Brampton (13/11/2012)

“I have not seen such a great website in past! I encourage all parents and students to use First Tutor website to find their right teacher for doing right performance in exam”

Prasanta, Mississauga (15/10/2012)

“The students I have found have been friendly, polite, positive and excellent to work with. The site was easy to use, inexpensive, and effective. I recommend it.”

Anna, Hampstead (11/09/2012)

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