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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“I have a very positive experience of First Tutors. I appreciate the opportunity given by this platform to help me launch my tutoring services in Toronto, a city I am new to.”

Amit, Toronto (17/12/2017)

“I really like the change where tutors don't have to pay for the connection.”

Andrew, Brampton (01/12/2017)

“I have met many really reliable clients here. It's a very trustworthy way to connect students to tutors.”

James, Toronto (20/11/2017)

“It will be great if you ask client to confirm their exact location.”

Khaled, Markham (15/11/2017)

“You have provided the opportunity for me to work with some very good students and they have given me a lot of work. Thank you for providing such a great service.”

Darrol, Summerland (12/11/2017)

“Thank you. Received a poor, unwarranted review which I asked for clarification on. Hopefully the student gets back to me and updates her feedback review? Is that even possible? How is one to avoid the bias of having a red "1" from unpublished reviews if the review was unwarranted? I have no problem with reviews that reflect my practice in a warranted manner, whether it is a 1/5 or 4/5. Please inform. Thank you.”

Rob, Grimsby (08/07/2017)

“I find that because the site demands higher quality tutors, it attracts better students.
I have yet to be asked to do anyone's homework for them.
These students actually want to learn!”

Matthew, Mississauga (21/05/2017)

“Surprisingly easy to navigate with impressive features.”

Josh, Markham (11/05/2017)

“Simple process for both tutors and students.
Cost to students could be slightly cheaper.

Site is easy to understand and well maintained.”

Luke, Brandon (09/03/2017)

“Excellent website. It helped me to make connections and make some extra money as well.”

Zeeshan, Richmond Hill (15/02/2017)

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