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Testimonials from Students

Read below what students have been saying about us recently:

“HUSSAIN as a tutor was excellent and kind, caring and devoted to helping our son learn better.
He is truly a remarkable tutor. Would recommend him strongly.
Thank you.

Faryal, Waterloo (11/12/2018)

“Easy to navigate the site and find suitable tutors.”

Gwen, Vaughan (10/12/2018)

“I am a tutor and I like using First Tutors: Canada because they are very professional and keep on top of things. I am very pleased with the students I get. I have gotten a lot of online tutoring jobs. First Tutors: Canada provides an interface that is very good … I don't feel that anything is lost because I'm not physically with the student. I'm very pleased with their service.”

Sarah, Toronto (10/12/2018)

“First Tutors does an amazing job at connecting students in need of acedemic help with tutors while protecting everyone’s personal information and safety. The staffs/admins are generally very patient, polite, and quick at resolving any issues. I have been requested help from many great, self-driven students throught this website and it’s definitely one of the best tutoring platforms out there. Way to go!”

Hailey, New Westminster (25/11/2018)

“I graduated from the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at St Francis Xavier Secondary School. Throughout my final year, I received tutoring from Mr. Banerjee for Higher Level Mathematics. He is very passionate about what he is teaching and go above and beyond to ensure that you truly understand your curriculum. You can truly tell that Mr. Banerjee has a love for teaching through the look on his face as he brings you a new set of concepts to learn. He is genuinely excited to share knowledge which is what makes him stand out from other tutors. There have been many times where I completely could not understand certain topics and Mr Banerjee took extra time out of his day to make sure that I went home understanding what I needed to know. The main reason as to why I chose Mr Banerjee over other tutors was due to his efficient communication. He responds to requests as soon as he can with all of the necessary details to ensure that no time is wasted in any miscommunications. With his help, I am currently going into the Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences Program at McMaster University. I highly recommend Mr. Banerjee to students who want to experience what it feels like to truly fall in love with learning.”

Joana, Mississauga (22/11/2018)

“Thanks for introducing Hemant to us. It worth to pay your fees.”

Sanjay, Beaumont (12/11/2018)

“It is easy to have a good tutor using your website”

Ali, City of London (08/11/2018)

“I would like to recommend Neha as a tutor from the perspective of a learner who is looking for more than the ability to pass a class and achieve a particular mark. She has helped me really appreciate the interconnection between Chemistry, Biology and Physics in ways that speak to my personal experience and desire to use Chemistry as a foundational platform to better understand biological and ecological science. Her approach is interactive and thoughtful. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of processes in the natural world.”

Moira, Toronto (04/11/2018)

“She helped a lot for teaching English as a second language for my mother. She prepared many materials to work with, my mother was also satisfied with her lessons.”

Jenna, Toronto (25/10/2018)

“Harold Fues is a fine German teacher. Unfortunately, we had only lesson as i realized afterwards the bus-ride to meet was going to be one hour each way and i was not prepared to take that much time out of my day on a regular basis. He is very well prepared, great communication skills, encouraging and genuinely caring about the student's needs.”

Barbara, Ottawa (25/10/2018)

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