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TeenStar’s Top Audition Tips

November 21st, 2012 by Sara

So you want to impress at your audition? Auditioning for a competition like TeenStar is about so much more than the way you sing in front of the judges you're trying to impress. Preparing for your audition and making sure you're in the right mind set is just as important.

Preparing for your audition

  • Practice, practice, practice - then go and practice some more! Learn your audition song until it's ringing around your brain constantly! You're likely to feel a little bit of nerves once you're in the audition room, so make sure the song will come naturally to you.
  • Dress to impress - make sure you go into the audition as you would be performing on stage. Think about your image and if it's coherent with your style of music.
  • If you're singing a cover make sure you put your own stamp on it. Think about the arrangement of the song and how you can change it so it represents you as an act. If you sing a straight cover it doesn't tell the judges anything about you as an act. If they wanted to hear bland covers they'd go to a karaoke bar!
  • Look after your voice in the build up to your audition, and drink plenty of water beforehand. Make sure your vocals are thoroughly warmed up and if appropriate your guitar is tuned before you go in the audition room.

During your audition

  • Remember your audition starts from the moment you walk in the room. Judges are looking for star quality, and sometimes they get a sense of that from your attitude the moment you walk in the room. Big smiles go a long way!
  • If you have any demos or EP recordings don't be afraid to put them on the judges table as you enter the room. This will tell the judges a great deal about your professionalism and enthusiasm and may make them take that extra little bit of notice when you're performing.
  • Auditions can be very brief, so make sure you start with the strongest part of the song to engage the judges immediately. Songs like Adele's 'Make You Feel My love' take too long to get to the chorus and on a busy day this will frustrate the judges.
  • Remember you're not just being judged on your vocal and image, bring performance value to the audition, don't be afraid to leave the spot you're stood in and work the area as if it were a stage.
  • Eye contact is very important! Bring the judges into your performance and make them watch you.
  • After your audition thank the judges as you leave the room, be courteous and keep smiling! The audition isn't over until you leave the room.

Whether you're successful or not at an audition you should always take something away from the experience. Competitions like TeenStar will always offer feedback to acts. Take this constructively and use it to improve yourself. If you're serious about performing then you'll always have the ability to bounce back. Remember more doors will close before one opens!

For more tips on how to refine your craft, as well as your chance to audition to a panel of industry judges, ranging from BBC Radio 1, Choice FM, Kiss FM and record labels, to singing teachers, local press, and local studio managers, enter TeenStar now at - auditions start in January!

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