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Wind instruments: not a load of hot air

March 24th, 2010 by Emily

If you're thinking of introducing your child to a wind instrument, or indeed taking up lessons yourself, then you've got a lot of fun ahead of you.

Wind instruments are typically split into two types: brass and woodwind instruments. Brass instruments include the trombone, tuba and trumpet whilst woodwind instruments include the flute, recorder and saxophone.

Typically, these are really fun instruments to learn. The recorder in particular is a great introduction to music for primary school children, although don't forget that it is an instrument in its own right.

Learning to play a wind instrument can have strategic benefits as far as schoolchildren are concerned. Many schools have music scholarships or offer priority places to children who play an orchestral instrument at a high level (usually grade 7 or above, although this does differ from school to school). Start your child on a wind instrument at a young enough age and make sure that they practice and they could be the pupil to reap this benefit.

Joining the school orchestra is a fun and productive activity which also looks great on university application forms, so there's another reason to learn a wind instrument.

As an adult, there are many opportunities to play with others, with amateur wind instrument and orchestra groups dotted all over the country. If you're looking to meet new people whilst learning something new, then a wind instrument could be for you.

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