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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“I find first tutors very useful. Lots of students have contacted me through them.”

Sandhya, Havelock North (24/10/2021)

“A great platform where students can find tutors according to their own suitability and teachers have great liberty as well in the same context.”

Hasnain, Auckland (27/03/2020)

“Website is well designed and it's super easy to use! Its great that we actually find students who are genuinely interested in getting help.”

Charlotte, Dunedin (15/03/2020)

“The Site Feedback is quite good. You get notified when feedback has been placed. The only thing I find that could be improved is the fact that the system assumes lessons have started once the customer has paid for the tutor's details, which is not always the case.

Other than that, the service is very good.”

Lala, Petone (26/03/2019)

“Good intermediary for tutors/tutees who aren't well-networked!”

Cris, Wellington (23/03/2019)

“I like this web site very much because it is fair to students and tutors. It provides many functionalities and easy-to-use. The customer service is very quick and thougtful.
And it is sui generis, has no real alternative. Very reliable service. Thanks everyone who are behind this great education platform”

Eyuphan, Wellington (22/02/2019)

“I have found from my experiance that First tutor is quite professional, helpful, reliable and easy to use platform for tutoring.
Keep up the good work.”

Daisel, Oratia (18/10/2018)

“I have gained many new students through this website. I appreciate the accessibility for people to contact me and discuss tuition options to suit them.


Colleen, Taradale (22/08/2018)

“I love first tutors. It is the temple of opportunities for Tutors.”

Sundra ramireddy, Auckland (18/05/2018)

“I would like to take this chance to say thank you to the FirstTutor team who created an excellent platform to connect tutors and students over the world.”

Tom, Albany (29/04/2018)

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