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Your First Tutoring Session

Setting the Scene

It is best that tuition lessons take place in a separate, quiet space in the home; a place where student and tutor can work without interception or distraction. It can be reassuring for a door to be left open so that parents /guardian can check in on the lesson, and we would always advise that a parent or guardian is present in the home for the duration of the lesson.

If the tutoring is taking place at the residence of the tutor, always think safety first! The student should not visit alone until comfortable with their tutor, and we would suggest the parent or guardian perhaps stays for the duration of the first few lessons.

Before the First Lesson

It can be productive to think about what it is you find difficult or confusing about your subject prior to the first lesson so you can discuss this at the beginning of the session, and it will help the tutor understand how they can help you.

If a tutor has declared any qualifications, references, or criminal history / national police checks we suggest that you ask the tutor to bring any you want to see with them for the first lesson. Tutors are aware that this request might be made, and so to have the appropriate documents ready.

First Lesson

  • This is where you will get the first impression of your tutor's personality and assess how compatible you are with them.
  • You will discuss the difficulty you have with your subject so the tutor can plan what to include in future lessons.
  • The tutor will probably want to do some exercises with you to understand your learning style where exactly you need help.

As your Lessons Progress

  • Don't be afraid to ask your tutor if you feel that you need to adjust the pace of lessons, i.e. if you are finding them to hard or perhaps too easy!
  • Let your tutor know if you want to change anything about the content or structure of the lessons.
  • Please help other parents and students by leaving feedback on First Tutors: Australia about your tutor.