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How Does First Tutors: Australia Work?

Our self-selection service is simple just follow the five easy steps below:

Step 1: Conduct a quick search to check what tutors are able to provide you with the tuition you need in your area, or via online tutoring.

Step 2: Register with First Tutors: Australia (for free!) as either a student or parent.

Step 3: Return to your search results and choose up to four tutors to send tuition enquiries to.

Step 4: The tutors you have selected tutors will be notified and asked to accept, reject, or reply to your request for tutoring. Any correspondence can be accessed through your private members area, where you can also add to any ongoing discussion.

Step 5: When a tutor has accepted you request for tuition, you will be asked to pay a modest $9.99 fee online, and then First Tutors: Australia will release your tutors details to you.

If you have additional queries, or find any of the supplied information unclear, please contact us using our support form and we will guide you through the process.

See How It Works...

Which Tutor?

Finding the right tutor can be a concern for many parents. They want an individual who knows their subject inside out, who has excellent communication skills enabling them to explain difficult concepts and, most vitally, who will be committed to helping their student succeed.

Every tutor on First Tutors: Australia has been given a personal profile, which gives them the opportunity not only to detail their qualifications and any relevant experience that qualifies them to tutor, but also a chance to introduce themselves to prospective clients, and explain what makes them the best candidate to supply tuition.

Tutoring Approach

A tutor's personality can in some ways be just as important as their experience and qualifications. Communication is key to successful tuition and it is therefore important to find a tutor who is compatible with their student. You might need someone to prepare your child for exams, in which case a more pragmatic approach may be beneficial. However some children may find this intimidating in which case it may be better to chose an individual whose approach is more relaxed and who can act as a mentor with whom your child feels comfortable discussing areas they find difficult. The most fruitful student/tutor relationships are often formed in cases where both student and tutor have something in common e.g. a similar language or interest can make the first lesson much more relaxed.

Intensity of Tuition

We recommend the following tuition schedules:

Pre-school - Primary 1 hour lessons maximum; remember that young children find it tiring to concentrate for longer periods of time. 30 - 45mins preferred, and you may wish to consider how this time can best be utilised e.g if your tutor is travelling to you, perhaps s/he could teach two children for half an hour each, or three children for half an hour each.

Secondary (up to year 10) - 1 hour is preferred; 1.5 hours if your child has the stamina. For longer sessions it can be a good idea to include a short break, no more then 5-10mins.

Secondary (years 11 and 12) / University - 1.5 hours if you have regular lessons. 1.5 - 2.5 hours if you are cramming before exams. Remember to take a short break during longer sessions.

Tuition Duration

Please indicate in your request how much tuition you estimate you will need when you contact tutors, e.g. if you are only looking for assistance over exams or if you will be needing regular sessions over several months. This does not commit you to a tutor for any length of time, merely allows the tutor to assess if they will be able to help.


When prompted we would be most grateful if you could supply your tutor with feedback. This allows other patrons to see what other users have had to say, and gives the tutor student testimonials to add to their personal profile.