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About First Tutors: Australia

First Tutors: Australia is Australia's latest and greatest tutor-matching website. Brought to Australia in 2011 after receiving wide-spread popularity in the UK and New Zealand, First Tutors: Australia aims to allow our users the choice of and access to a diverse range of private tutors to pick from across Australia. We are dedicated to making the private tuition market more available and and as such and provide an inbuilt facility for students to allow feedback to be exchanged on the quality of tuition received.

Why Use Us?

Choice - The freedom First Tutors: Australia allows its users is unparalleled by other websites offering similar services. Before you even register you are able to browse all the potential tutors who meet your criteria. When you spot one - or several - tutors who are able to match your requirements you can register (free!) to send them a message clarifying your needs and their availability. We encourage tutors offering tuition for a wide range of academic subjects to join up to First Tutors: Australia, including both those subjects compulsory to the school curriculum, and also more niche subjects such as art or drama or tuition for specific exams. So, whether you need to get to grips with your algebra, brush up on your Shakespeare or learn to distinguish your impasto from your gesso, First Tutors: Australia provides the facility for everyone, at any age and any experience level to find a tutor to provide the tutoring they need, at a time and location that is most convenient for you!

Affordability - There are no subscription fees to use First Tutors: Australia, and you can even run searches and contact tutors totally free of any charge! However, when you find a tutor who is able to meet you request for tuition, we do ask for a small $9.99 introduction fee. This is our only charge, you only pay it once per introduction and only when you've used the members area to discuss tuition arrangements with your tutor. Many websites and agencies charge an additional $10 for each hour a private tutor teaches, but with First Tutors: Australia you pay once and then all further financial exchange, e.g. the tutors tuition fees, are between you and them. Our research has informed us that many students are happy to manage their own relationship with a private tutor without the involvement of an agency, and so this is what we offer.

Flexibility - Being an online service there is no restriction to usual office hours. Our fully functioning website can be accessed every hour of every day, seven days a week; whenever suits you!

Accessibility - Much effort has been make to ensure First Tutors: Australia not only provides all the information our clients may wish to access prior to paying our fee, but is easy to navigate through. Our professional development team are committed to providing a quality user experience for all our members.

First Tutors: Australia in comparison to a typical agency

First Tutors: Australia differs in several way to agencies who supply private tuition, and it is important to us that you understand how:

  • You can browse though all available tutors before making your selection. Its up to you who you pick, and you don't need to wait on an agency to find someone for you!
  • We offer a private forum through which you can contact tutors directly to discuss your needs. This is free and you can contact several tutors at the same time.
  • We don't perform criminal history checks, which means its up to you to ask for any references or record checks your tutor offers. These will be displayed on their tutor profile.
  • The one-off $9.99 introduction fee is all we charge for! We will never ask for a any payment on top of every hour a tutor teaches, but as we do not operate as an agency we cannot fairly intervene if you are unhappy with the tutor you have selected. We do, however, incorporate a facility to allow students to exchange feedback regarding their tutor a few weeks after tuition has commenced for the benefit of other users.

The price difference between using an agency and picking your own tutor:

First Tutors: Australia Typical Agency Saving
Introduction $9.99 $0 - $20 ~$5
10 hours of tuition $180* $250 $70
Additional Agency fees (10 hrs) $0 $50
($5 p/h.)
Total $185 $310 $125

* This is based on our tutors' average hourly tuition fee of $18 (our tutors charge upwards of $9 per hour).

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