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Hourly Fee
Beginner £28.00
Intermediate £28.00
Casual £28.00

Music Theory

Hourly Fee
Beginner £28.00
Intermediate £28.00
Casual £28.00

Music Production

Hourly Fee
Beginner £28.00
Intermediate £28.00
Casual £28.00

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Personal Description:

Virtually, music was not my main area of interest during my childhood. I started to engage with music by attending traditional Turkish instrument (baglama) courses with my mother. She quickly give up within a month for courses. But encouraged me to continue. I was really enjoying during the course with playing instrument and singing songs. This is the beginning part of my professional engagement with the music. I was going to decide my high school when I was 12 years old. I decided to enroll for music high school. I have to admit that the course of baglama, guidance of my mother and music teacher in elementary school have equal share of influence on my decision. Admission to music high school was a complex exam process. One of these exams were to assess the talent of the students by asking to perform,
play and solfeggio. School only accepts twenty talented student per year by its own examination process. I got accepted from this, one of the greatest high school in arts field in Turkey. This was a milestone for my life. I learned to play violin, piano, guitar and mastered in baglama during my high school education. In addition to that, I joined the polyphonic chorus of our high school. I was bass member of chorus for five years. This experience helped me a lot to became fluent in solfeggio. We won so many awards in local and national level in music contests. I took course on Turkish Makam System in high school. This sub-field amazed me.
Afterwards, i decided to deepen my studying in university with Musicology. I started to study Musicology at Istanbul Technical University Turkish State Music Conservatory in 2009. Musicology department is the only one programme unifies Traditional Turkish Music, Music History , Theory and Musicology in its curriculum in Turkey. I gradually started to be interested in ethnic music during my study in Musicology. Programme’s emphasis on social dimensions of music , as a way of expression of self, attached me towards different musics.

I started to play Greek Music ( Rebetiko) with a band in Istanbul. I have played keyboard with them for two years. I felt attached to Rebetiko which is known as a music of immigrants from Asia Minor to Greece, musicians from Izmir dominated the style in the beginning which is my native town. Besides, my family is an immigrant from Greece because of the same agreement between Turkey and Greece in 1923. This increased my motivation for playing, performing and studying Rebetiko. I realized that even if the harmonica of Rebetiko seems close with European harmonica, style of Turkish Palace Music performance has definitely mark on it. I have worked as voice controller with a band during summer time in 2011 & 2012. There is several music festivals in my region for summer time. I have worked during the most famous ones namely Rock-A and Izmir Electronic Music Festival.

This experience inspired my interest through electronic music and music programming. I used Logic Pro 9 and Pro Tools for recording and composing. I am working in an advertising and animation company in Istanbul now.

Now, I live in London - Wanstead, United Kingdom.

Tutoring Experience:

I am Teaching piano and music theory in London School of Art for 2018-19 Education season. Also, I had many piano students before this year. I exactly know very well British piano and music theory syllabus. And I have experience about Grade exams system.

Tutoring Approach:

All ages of people asking me that '' Can I learn to play piano. '' I just answer them with a new question. '' Can you drive?'' If their answer being yes. I am telling them, of course you can play the piano because I think the main factor to play piano is separate your mind as 3 piece. Like driving a car. When you are learning to drive We are being more careful and have to think more than 3 thinks. gear, direction, pedals. At the beginning when you are learning to piano, you will feel the same think. Control of your right hand, left hand and your feet. On this period is very important for the tutor and student. Because the tutor should patient and attentive.

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Native Language: Turkish
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
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  • Istanbul Technical University / Turkish Music State Conservatory (2014) - Honour (Bachelors) (✔ On File)

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