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5 Acts that Defined Rock

August 1st, 2013 by Dexter Findley

Jimi Hendrix

When one learns the guitar, there are a few acts towards which one aspires. Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Angus Young... but one figure overshadows them all. Possibly the most dedicated guitarist ever, who could coax sounds out of his instrument the likes of which haven't been heard before or since, and who was at one point caught sleeping next to his guitar while in the US Army: Jimi Hendrix. The star by which practically all contemporary rock, blues and RnB guitarists ste... Read More »

5 best-selling British music artists

September 29th, 2009 by Emily

The British music scene has always had a healthy following across the globe, more often than not dominating the charts in numerous countries. Following on from last week's feature on the Music Year, we take a look at five of the richest bands and musicians who have all flo... Read More »

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