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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Its always an honor to tutor students who willing to learn.”

David, Orchards (28/11/2018)

“Very helpful. I appreciate the reminders and accountability.”

Nicola, Claremont (05/11/2018)

“Great website with relevant functionality and feedback mechanisms.”

Collins, Midrand (28/08/2018)

“What a wonderful platform to establish long-lasting relations of knowledge. I shall definitely continue being a patron and tutor on your fine site.

Only one aspect remains unclear to me: are there means for the tutor to warn or rate the clients; especially the ones who take advantage by scalping free lessons and do not pay after the second billed lesson?”

Fritz, Pretoria (12/06/2018)

“Thank you very much for the great service and support to link me up with my first student. It was really effortless to arrange the first session with the parents and the student.”

Ian, Margate (23/04/2018)

“This site has assisted me greatly in obtaining students. The site also assists in any questions quickly”

Ashleigh, Randburg (21/03/2018)

“It is a wonder site,easy to access with no complications.”

Albert, Johannesburg (17/03/2018)

“No issues found. Site helped connect 2 people which were able to help each other for the better. Brilliant concept executed superbly.”

Philip, Kempton Park (04/09/2017)

“user friendly site that allows tutors and students to communicate effectively. I like the fact that all arrangements are made before accepting a student's offer , therefore neither the student nor the tutor commit to something they can't see through.”

Tsitsi Lorraine, Randburg (31/08/2017)

“I like First Tutors.This is just great and awesome paltform for learners and tutors to interact.”

Owen, Polokwane (20/06/2017)

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