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Planning your First and Future Lessons

Setting the Scene

Tuition should take place in a quiet room in your home, a place that enables student and tutor to work undisturbed, and thus most effectively. A parent or guardian should always be at home when tuition is taking place, and we would suggest that a door be left open so that the parent or guardian can subtlety look it if they wish. This is reassuring for everyone involved.

If tuition is taking place at the home of the tutor, please always consider safety first and we would strongly suggest that the student does not visit the tutor alone until they are as ease with their tutor. However, even in this instance parents may prefer to be close by whilst tutoring is taking place.

Before the First Lesson

It can be beneficial to have a think about what exactly is is you are finding difficult about your subject prior to the first lesson. This means you already have your key difficulties in mind when your tutor asks and the first and subsequent lessons can be planned to address these issues effectively.

Parents and students should request to see any qualifications, references or police clearance certificates before the first lesson if this is a priority for them. Tutors are advised to expect such requests and have the necessary documents ready.

Your First Lesson...

  • Is when you can see how you and the tutor are going to get along.
  • Your tutor will want to discuss your subject with you to find out where you are having problems.
  • It is likely there will be some exercises your tutor will want you to complete, which will enable them to understand your learning style and where you are at.

As Lessons Progress

  • Tell your tutor if you want to change the content or structure of the lessons.
  • Don't be afraid to ask your tutor to proceed slower, faster or make your lessons easier or more challenging.
  • Please help other parents and students by leaving feedback on First Tutors: South Africa about your tutor.