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How Does First Tutors: South Africa Work?

Finding a tutor on First Tutors: South Africa could not be easier! Simply follow the five easy steps outlined below:

Step 1: Run a search to see what tutors we have in your area who offer the tuition you need.

Step 2: Register (free!) to contact up to four tutors per search!

Step 3: Return to your search results and select those tutors that you wish to contact, then message them through your private members area to check that they can meet your requirements and are available when you need them.

Step 4: The tutors will be notified about your enquiry and asked to accept, decline or reply to your tutoring request. You can keep track of their responses and ask any further questions through your private member's area. When the tutoring arrangements have been established you can confirm your tutor and when they have accepted you as a student all that's left is to...

Step 5: Pay the R 60.00 introduction fee securely via our online facility, and we will release your tutors details to you.!

If you have any queries regarding the procedure detailed above please contact us using our support form and we will guide you through the process.

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Which Tutor is the Right Tutor?

The majority of parents worry about choosing the right tutor for their child. They want someone they can trust to spend time with their child and who will be able to articulate difficult concepts and really motivate your child to preform better academically.

Each tutor registered on First Tutors: South Africa is given space to create a personal tutor profile that allows them to introduce themselves to prospective clients and detail their qualifications, past experience and individual approach to tutoring. We hope that this will allow parents to choose a tutor they feel secure with.

Tutor's Approach

It is important to consider the tutor's individual tutoring style, as children differ in what teaching style they best respond to, and although some may feel more comfortable around a tutor who is objective and challenges them, others may benefit from an individual with whom they cant relate, and who is more of a mentor figure then an academic instructor . Often the most fruitful student/tutor relationships are formed when both student and tutor share common interests e.g. matching tutors with students who share a similar language, have similar aspirations, or even who just support the same soccer team can make the first lessons significantly more relaxed.

Intensity of Tuition

Generally we would recommend the following tuition schedule:

Primary level - 1 hour lessons maximum; 30 - 45mins is preferred. If your tutor is travelling to you, you may wish to utilise their time more effectively by having them tutor more then one child per session, e.g. two children for around half an hour each.

High School Grades 8-10 - 1 hour once or twice a week should be fine.

High School Grades 11 -12 - 1 hour is the minimum; 1 hour 30 mins if your child can handle it. If they are studying for exams, e.g. the National Senior Certificate, you may want to have longer sessions more than once a week. However, we would suggest a short break during these longer sessions.

University - 1 hour to 1 hour 30mins if you have regular lessons. 1 hour 30 mins - 2 hours 30mins if you are cramming before important exams or essays. Regular breaks every hour are advised.

Tuition Duration

It is very likely that you will plan on using a tutor for a certain length of time, e.g. in the last few weeks prior to an exam, or for an entire term to help a child who has fallen behind.


We much appreciate all feedback, so lease be so kind as to supply comments on your tutor's performance so other users can benefit from your recommendations!