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About Us

In 2005 First Tutors established the first tuition-finding websites in the UK, and has since expanded and achieved popularity and a loyal user base in every additional country where it has been introduced. The First Tutors: South Africa database is easy to use, and now offers to South Africa the most accessible online tutor-finding option. Here at First Tutors we operate a system where tutor information is made available upfront, alongside the feedback tutors have received in the past, so you can have peace of mind that the tutor you choose comes recommended.

Why Use First Tutors: South Africa?

Choice - Private tuition is offered in a wide range of academic subjects, from English to Afrikaans and Maths to Music, so whether you are learning a new language or getting to grips with Pythagoras, First Tutors will find someone who can help you. Our website allows patrons to browse the profiles of all the registered tutors who match your needs, then you can contact several and pick the one who you think will work best for you. Simply select the discipline you require tuition for and we do the searching fro you!

Affordability - First Tutors: South Africa do ask for an initial R 60.00 introduction fee when you have found a tutor who can help, but this is all we ask for. The search tool and any messages sent to organise tuition lessons are all free of charge, and the payment of tutoring fees is to be arranged between you and your tutor. Most agencies - online and otherwise - may charge either a subscription fee or an additional R120 for every hour of tutoring supplied, but with First Tutors: South Africa there are no extra agency fees or hidden costs. We are aware that many students do not wish to pay agencies for their continued involvement and are happy to manage their relationship with a private tutor themselves.

Flexibility - As First Tutors: South Africa is an online service there is no limitation to office hours. Our fully functioning website can be accessed all day, every day; whenever suits you!

Accessibility - First Tutors: South Africa has been designed to with accessibility in mind, and is therefore easy to navigate, and should you encounter any problems we have a professional team focused on maintaining user satifaction.

First Tutors: South Africa vs. a Typical Agency

First Tutors: South Africa does not operate as a tuition agency, and it is important that our users understand how we are different:

  • It's up to you who you choose to tutor you and why. We don't interfere or try to influence your decision in any way.
  • We provide a secure online forum to allow users to contact tutors directly to discuss their requirements, free of charge!
  • Our tutors may or may not be able to offer a Police Clearance Certificate. It is not a mandatory requirement to join First Tutors: South Africa, however many tutors may hold one, and this will be detailed on their personal profiles.
  • We only ask for a one-off R 60.00 introduction fee and that's it! We never ask for any additional payment per hour of tuition, but equally we cannot fairly become involved if you are not happy with the tutor you have chosen, as we do not manage the ongoing relationship. We are, however, keen to collect feedback from all students regarding their tutor a few weeks after making the introduction for the benefit of other users.

The difference in cost between using First Tutors: South Africa and using an agency:

First Tutors: South Africa Typical Agency Saving
Introduction R 60.00 R0 - R20 ~R5
10 hours of tuition R180* R250 R70
Additional Agency fees (10 hours) R0 R50
(R5 p/h)
Total R185 R310 R125

* This is based on our tutors average fee: R200 per hour (our tutors charge upwards of R100 per hour)