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Testimonials from Students

Read below what students have been saying about us recently:

“Sisi, Is friendly and welcoming. Sisi is assisting me for my resits for my finals, she understands my strengths/weaknesses and she knows what is suitable for my learning. Sisi is a great tutor I'm so glad that I found this website. :)”

Claudia, North Shore (19/10/2020)

“Don’t want to be published. Very trustworthy site, wish we could give tutor feedback anonymously.”

Kanako, North Shore (06/10/2020)

“You have put us in touch with an amazing tutor, who really seems to know her stuff. I was originally looking for a tutor that my daughter could come face to face with, but due to lockdown that wasn't going to happen. If the lessons were going to be over the internet anyway it didn't really matter where in the country the tutor was based. We chose first tutors as, after the initial set up, we were able to deal directly with the tutor. We feel that we have totally made the right decision.

Anne has been tutoring my daughter for only 5 sessions. My daughter likes to excel and doesn't like 'not quite getting something', it is just great that she is able to ask Anne about all those little things that have been nibbling away at her, undermining her confidence. You will always do better at something if you think you can do it and tutoring with Anne has given her that power, even after five weeks she already feels way more confident to take her NCEA level 3 chemistry than she was.”

Imogen, Frankton (20/09/2020)

“Excellent site, lots of information and makes communication between students and tutors easy. - aliana”

Sophia, Auckland (19/09/2020)

“Truly an excellent way of finding a tutor for your child. No hidden costs and you get to choose on what you think will be the best match for your child at a price range that suits you. It's been a wonderful experience. Thank you.”

Tina, Wellington (06/09/2020)

“First Tutors is a great model. Very easy to find a suitable tutor, and get the work underway, hassell free and affordable.”

Susan, Richmond (27/08/2020)

“I had few emails that she is working on the plan for our sessions. After that, I never heard from her again despite sending two emails few weeks apart.
With this uncertain times of covid there is possibility that she couldn't reply to me.
Kind regards.”

Murisa, Frankton (08/08/2020)

“Good website and gives detailed info on tutors which is quite helpful”

Priti, Waitakere (21/07/2020)

“Teamed up experienced tutor for our son seamlessly”

Amanda, Lower Hutt (19/06/2020)

“This is the second time this site has found me excellent tutors. It's been easy to find the right person and I have been really happy with the service. Thank you.”

Mary, Palmerston North (11/05/2020)

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