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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“So far the platform is easy to use and works great for me. The security feature of making a student pay the administration fee prior to having tutor's private details released works great in my opinion. This makes both the tutor and student committed to the sessions as agreed upon during the discussion process. The only issue I have so far is the lack of traffic flow or jobs in the marketplace on this website, it would be awesome if this website is more well known in the industry by students so there can always be tutoring jobs on demand in the market. Otherwise, this is a wonderful website and will recommend to my fellow tutor buddies.”

Reuben, Malvern (29/11/2017)

“Great platform. You've thought of all the most important aspects and implemented them. Well done!”

Michael Zeno, Brunswick (22/11/2017)

“This is a top-notch site with appropriate filters, it takes a while to get the profile online but given the professional character of the platform it can lead to real work opportunities. On the other hand it probably needs more marketing as I still get a greater volume of enquiries from other sites. Thank you. (You're free not to post this feedback online).”

Victor Andrew, Norwood (21/10/2017)

“I have had minimal problems with the site after tutoring 7 students. The layout and process is very user-friendly and simple. Perhaps one thing is that my email notices just say ##student_name## instead of the actual student's name so I don't know who has actually left feedback until I check. It's not something major but it would be nice to know (if it is intentional then that's fine too).”

Steven, Lower Templestowe (31/08/2017)

“This is a good site with very good support. They reply to queries very quickly. I do wish there is a mechanism where students who accepted offers of tuition are obliged to make payment in advance, because I have many students accepted my offer but just did not turn up. It would be good if they can make it like a shopping cart, students can buy sessions from 1 to as many as they like and pay for their purchase, so that students will not just not turn up without a trace.”

Kathy, Wantirna South (30/06/2017)

“Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Only issue I have faced is some admin are a bit over zealous and send comments of violation when there is none. That was quickly resolved when I sent an email asking for clarification.”

Sean, Bundamba (14/06/2017)

“Love the review system of this website and the opportunities it has given me as a tutor.”

Daniel, Brunswick (12/05/2017)

“I have had a great experience using First tutors, I have been able to start tutoring really easily and had fantastic students, thank you!”

Kaya, Mount Eliza (23/11/2016)

“Hi FT,

This system works quite well. This is a great source for solid leads for tutors and teachers seeking to provide sound services to students. Keep up the good work.

My regards,
Steve K”

Stephen, Leumeah (15/04/2016)

“This is a great site - excellent for both students and tutors! Keep up the good work.”

Lyn, Maroochydore (08/10/2015)

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