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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“Students get confused about my location. At this point, I'm not sure they can see it… The site is working pretty well for the Melbourne area, all my students are from there even if I'm located in the Northern Rivers, NSW. Thanks so much helping me to get noticed :)”

Paola, Ballina (28/09/2018)

“FirstTutors has really help me with promoting my lesson and its platform allowed me to connect with more students around Australia”

Tania, Ekibin (23/09/2018)

“The website service works very well for me. It can be improved with prompting for clients to follow up with enquiries that they have made with Tutors and with explanations to clients that they must pay their commission before they can contact the tutor directly. The experiences that I have had with my students and their families have been very positive.”

Phillip, Oakleigh East (13/07/2018)

“FirstTutors is doing an excellent job in providing a platform where tutors can find an opportunity to connect with potential students. The methods and systems are very well designed to make an extremely interactive site.”

Pramod, Perth (27/06/2018)

“I have gained many students from this site and have used the online whiteboard as well.”

Rachel Rose, Gawler (15/06/2018)

“Thank you very much for your support!
Much appreciated.

Nadia, Hornsby (08/06/2018)

“The website is easy to use and it seems popular with potential students. It is great that the site asks for verification ckecks of tutors so that students can rely on the information tutors provide in their profiles.”

Katharina, Nambour (06/06/2018)

“They seem to have covered all bases and have given tutors and students ample flexibility, while taking very little remuneration in return.”

Adrian, Heathmont (08/05/2018)

“Only issue is sometimes when the prospective client ask for the address and contact, I always direct them to register themselves with First Tutors.
Is it possible to let the clients know upfront how to get tutors detail?
Rest of the stuff all good. Keep up the good work.

Rupinder, Tarneit (22/02/2018)

“So far the platform is easy to use and works great for me. The security feature of making a student pay the administration fee prior to having tutor's private details released works great in my opinion. This makes both the tutor and student committed to the sessions as agreed upon during the discussion process. The only issue I have so far is the lack of traffic flow or jobs in the marketplace on this website, it would be awesome if this website is more well known in the industry by students so there can always be tutoring jobs on demand in the market. Otherwise, this is a wonderful website and will recommend to my fellow tutor buddies.”

Reuben, Malvern (29/11/2017)

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