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Starting as a Tutor

If you are planning to practice private tutoring, either at your home or in your local area, there are some aspects to consider before getting started. The points below are only a few you need to consider so that your tutoring plans are well organised

Subject(s) you want to teach

Generally, tutors tend to provide tuition in no more than three subjects: if you feel like you can do more, hats off to you! It is often a good idea to state, for example, that you shine in a particular field like sciences: Chemistry, Maths or Physics and then add other subject you can teach. Putting too many subjects on your profile is not advisable as coming over as a jack of all trades may mean that prospective customers assume you are master of none.

Level of expertise

You don't need to be a trained teacher in the subjects you want to teach but you do need to have a qualification that proves you know your subjects thoroughly, whether it's a High School Diploma or a University Degree (eg.BA of Science at University of Melbourne). Obviously the level of your expertise should reflect the level at which you will be teaching, as one is unlikely to teach a subject on a University level when he/she only has a High School Diploma.

Your time availability

Before committing to the lessons carefully consider how much time you can invest so that the quality of the tuition is high, you don't let anyone down and don't get too overwhelmed with work.

The rate for the subject(s)

It is advisable to research your local area to see what the going rate is for your subject(s). You don't want to sell yourself short and be committed to long term tutoring at a lower rate, but neither do you want to be told by tutees that your fees are too high, and thus not attract any clients.

Location of the tuition lessons

Consider carefully if you're willing to travel for lessons and how far, it's unlikely if you live in Brisbane you'd agree to tutoring in Adelaide. Tuition from your home is always an option however it is important to remember to have a dedicated space or room so that you and your tutee feel comfortable. Also, if you're opting for this alternative, prepare a space in the same room for the parent/guardian to wait for the tutee if they're under 18 - communal or dining areas would be perfect for that. If you have decided to travel to your tutee's home, make sure you both retreat to a comfortable study space.

Working with Children Check

This is a compulsory background check for every worker in child related employment. According to the Child Protection Act (2012) children are persons under 18 years so if you're planning to tutor nursery, primary and secondary pupils you need to obtain a Certificate.

Your fees and travel expenses (if applicable)

If you have decided to travel to provide tuition, carefully consider if your fees will include travel expenses or if you'd prefer to charge an extra fee (to cover the bus/train etc). Be honest with a potential tutee about these extra costs before agreeing for tuition to avoid confusion.

Creating your profile:

Once you are clear about the above key aspects, the next step is to create a compelling profile that reflects all your knowledge and skills. Here is the list of main information you should include on your profile:

  • Your Qualifications
  • Colleges or Universities you have studied at
  • Previous tutoring experience
  • References from past pupils/colleagues/friends in writing
  • A short description of your tutoring style
  • Focus on what you're really great at

First Tutors was the first of its kind to provide a platform for tutors to register and advertise their profiles for free. This is in accordance with strict government regulations that state that tutors must not be charged for finding work. First Tutors also provides a unique feedback system whereby tutees/parents can leave feedback on your profile for other users to see. You as a tutor also have the opportunity to reply to this feedback with your comments.

Private tuition can be stimulating and very rewarding. Register here today at First Tutors and start building 5 star feedback on your profile! Best of luck!