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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“An excellent site, I have picked up so much work through it. A one-stop-shop for tutors to find and manage work. Thank you First Tutors!”

JoAnne, Leixlip (09/01/2019)

“I'm happy so far. but the number of students received was bit less. Looking forward to more work.”

Himasagar, Rathcoole (09/01/2019)

“First Tutors is the great platform which meets the criteria of both sides, students and tutors. Granular and detailed searches makes it more easy for the students to find their right mentor.”

Ganesh, Dublin (25/10/2018)

“It is a great platform to connect students with tutors.”

Jitendra, Leixlip (26/09/2018)

“Since using First Tutors I have met some interesting and pleasant people with whom I continue to help achieve their objectives. I find First Tutors a very helpful platform which provides a practical solution for both students and tutors to make contact easily. It is not difficult to use and so far I have not encountered any problems. When needing help or an answer to any query, First Tutors has always responded within a short length of time. I have recommended this site to other tutors and students.

Geraldine, Laytown-Bettystown-Mornington (03/08/2018)

“Great plant form, just a few flaws that i noticed but it's still brilliant and i'm happy to be apart of it.”

Ian, Dublin (23/07/2018)

“Excellent website, improvements are brilliant, need to include more subjects for the College level.”

Adam, Dublin (16/07/2018)

“The website is very easy to use and the multitude of options is really handy. I can adapt the profile to suit my capabilities and changing timetable.”

Aurélie, Port Laoise (11/04/2018)

“Very fast, reliable without mentioning the fact that it saves me roaming the back roads of the Midlands to put up adds. I get to meet and assist in the learning of lots of different people from different schools and backgrounds. It gave me an opportunity to spread my scope and be more efficient in what I thrive on. En un mot… merci”

Nathaly, Clara (23/03/2018)

“It's a very useful page for getting student.
I'd like the feedback you send to the student a bit further that you actually are doing . I think 1 months after the 1st lesson would be great, like this they can really be able to tell how the teacher is working.
Thanks a lot.

Catherine, Bray (15/03/2018)

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