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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“I think it would be a much appreciated function if the site had a way of offering small group tutoring/classes as a tutor. Obviously very hard to do, but if it could be done it would be hugely advantageous”

RĂ­an, Swords (27/11/2017)

“Very good. I am very happy to register with first tutors. Thanks a million first tutors.”

Munmun, Limerick (11/11/2017)

“I am pleased very with first tutors.
Sometimes I feel time can be wasted when students cant view area map or at least I have heard this from one.”

Elizabeth, Malahide (26/09/2017)

“Excellent service of the First Tutor, easy to use, very happy.”

Rupa, Waterford (25/09/2017)

“Very intuitive site for students and tutors as well.”

Purnima, Passage West (22/09/2017)

“Very useful platform! Safe and easy way to get contact between tutors and students.”

Daniel, Dublin (05/08/2017)

“Interesting website. Well organised and systematic processes of enrolment. Good response rate for getting the opportunity to interact with students. The students are also well aware of the system. Happy to encourage them in their study and getting financial help to support my study.

Thank you so much dear admin for creating such an amazing platform.


Rajat, Dublin (03/07/2017)

“in the time i am really appreciating this web site, useful for py private teaching.”

Daniela, Portmarnock (23/06/2017)

“The website is easy to navigate and has all the useful information in the right places.”

Saviour, Galway (19/04/2017)

“It is working well and It would be good if First tutor will launch a mobile app also.
One of the best website for tutor and students”

Sanjay, Dublin (22/03/2017)

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