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Testimonials from Tutors

Read below what tutors have been saying about us recently:

“The website is very easy to use and the multitude of options is really handy. I can adapt the profile to suit my capabilities and changing timetable.”

Aurélie, Dunshaughlin (11/04/2018)

“Very fast, reliable without mentioning the fact that it saves me roaming the back roads of the Midlands to put up adds. I get to meet and assist in the learning of lots of different people from different schools and backgrounds. It gave me an opportunity to spread my scope and be more efficient in what I thrive on. En un mot… merci”

Nathaly, Clara (23/03/2018)

“It's a very useful page for getting student.
I'd like the feedback you send to the student a bit further that you actually are doing . I think 1 months after the 1st lesson would be great, like this they can really be able to tell how the teacher is working.
Thanks a lot.

Catherine, Bray (15/03/2018)

“I would like to be able to create multiple accounts for different subjects and to be able to market online somehow, and to link social media profiles (I know this challenges your business model - but perhaps after the student pays?)”

Steafan, Dublin (10/03/2018)

“It's very good platform to get tutor matching service.”

Manokamna, Maynooth (14/02/2018)

“The website has been great for me. The only slight pain is a lot of parents/students don’t realize they need to pay you for my details so if you made that slightly more obvious it would be a help”

Conal, Carrick-on-Shannon (23/01/2018)

“Professional website allowing for prompt communicating between tutor and student. Highly Recommended!”

Naomi, Dublin (09/01/2018)

“I think it would be a much appreciated function if the site had a way of offering small group tutoring/classes as a tutor. Obviously very hard to do, but if it could be done it would be hugely advantageous”

Rían, Swords (27/11/2017)

“Very good. I am very happy to register with first tutors. Thanks a million first tutors.”

Munmun, Limerick (11/11/2017)

“I am pleased very with first tutors.
Sometimes I feel time can be wasted when students cant view area map or at least I have heard this from one.”

Elizabeth, Malahide (26/09/2017)

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