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Site Feedback

First Tutors: Ireland endeavours to make your experience as a customer as pleasant as possible, so it would greatly benefit our service to hear what you think we're doing well and where we could make improvements. This is the place to comment on how you found the service First Tutors: Ireland provides as an online grinds finding service, however, if you have a specific question, please use our Contact Us form.

If you would like to comment on the quality of grinds you have received from your private tutor, we will always e-mail you three weeks after you have bought their details to ask how you got on. Please comment on their grinds at that time (when you have had the chance to get to know each other) through the special feedback form in your members area not here! To leave feedback about a tutor, please login to your members area and leave feedback on the 'My Feedback' page.

When your comments are positive we like to publish them. If you would prefer we didn't, please let us know. If your comments are unfortunately negative we will do what we can to resolve the issues you have, but please don't be abusive to our staff - some are sensitive souls! Thank you.

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