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Descrizione Personale:

I have qualified as a secondary teacher in the UK and for nine years I have taught mathematics in a state maintained school. This was a selective academy school for boys aged 11 to 18, but girls were admitted in the Sixth Form. I am currently teaching mathematics for the International Baccalaureate Diploma at the English International School of Padua.

Esperienze di Insegnamento:

I enjoy the challenge of teaching able pupils and am always looking for opportunities to extend the topics I cover, to maintain interest and competition. I have taught all age groups from Y7 to Y13. I have a wide experience of teaching mathematics at ‘A’ Level, having prepared students for modules in Pure Maths, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths. In addition I have taught Further Mathematics.
Last September I completed a masters in pure mathematics at Birkbeck College, University of London, with a dissertation on Complete Mapping Of Finite Group;. In particular, my programme of study included the following modules: Algebra, Group theory, Number Theory, Algebraic Number theory, Galois Theory and Topology.

Metodo di Insegnamento:

I work with a particular emphasis on encouragement and giving the students the confidence to achieve. I believe in implementing effective teaching techniques in order to maximise each student’s potential. I am able to identify pupils with learning difficulties and address their specific needs using different learning styles in order to support their further progress. With regard to the use of technology I have considerable experience of using interactive whiteboards, as all the classrooms are equipped with them. With my sixth form groups, I have used Autograph – showing animations for Volumes of Revolution or the shape of the Poisson distribution - and other software such as Cabri-Geometry, Prezi Presentation and Sound Generator for trigonometric functions. Despite being a very creative teacher, I would describe myself as a more traditional didactic teacher, and although I appreciate the role of technology, I find students benefit more from clear teacher-led exposition and plenty of practice.

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Madrelingua : Italiano
Lingue Aggiuntive : Inglese britannico
Disponibilità: Fine settimana / Durante la settimana (di sera)

Qualifiche :

  • Birkbeck, University of London (2015) - Pure Mathematics (Master) (✔ verificato)
  • GTC UK (2006) - UK Qualified Teacher status (Altro) (✔ verificato)
  • King's College University, London (2005) - In Education - PGCE - UK (PGCE) (✔ verificato)
  • Universita' di Padova (2000) - Matematica (Laurea specialistica) (✔ verificato)

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