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Informazioni su Marissa - Borgosesia insegnante

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Immagine del Profilo di Marissa

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Prescolastico € 35,00
Scuola Elementare € 35,00
Scuola Media inferiore € 35,00
Scuola Media superiore € 35,00
Università / Alta formazione € 35,00
Adulto / casuale € 35,00

Posizione sulla Mappa

Descrizione Personale:

I am a believer in people. Each one of us has a value, yet often we don't know how to communicate this value. I love working with people and helping them see and experience their personal worth.
Learning a language is not just "technical". It's about building relationships with others. It's not about perfection. Don't get me wrong, understanding how grammar works is important, but it's not THE most important aspect. Building confidence and acceptance is essential as is learning to listen and use our instinct.
Professionals, adults and young adults are my specialties. I help them to become fluid and spontaneous, showing them to break through the barriers that have been built over time as well as getting rid of the limitations they have have created themselves.

Esperienze di Insegnamento:

I have been teaching, coaching, motivating for more than 16 years. I've worked with small businesses to multinational companies, the Italian Army, numerous private and public schools, associations, agenzie formativi, professionals and privates. I've trained teachers specialized in working with children and spent a number of years working specifically with children and bilingualism.
I've helped students prepare for traditional language exams and certifications. I've developed personalized programs for companies and individuals as well as worked with families preparing to move abroad.
My own personal experience with learning Italian has helped me understand the difficulties and possibilities linked with learning a new language. Working also as an interpreter and translator has taught me about flexibility, given me access to numerous sectors and offered me fantastic experiences.


Metodo di Insegnamento:

English shouldn't be scary or cause anxiety. By using numerous resources available online in addition to traditional materials, I ease the separation between the 2 languages. Going from one to the other becomes something natural and stress-free.

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Madrelingua : Inglese americano
Disponibilità: Fine settimana / Durante la settimana (tutte le ore)

Qualifiche :

  • Denison University (1997) - BA in History and Political Science (Laurea triennale) (✘ non verificato)

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