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Descrizione Personale:

With a deep passion for neuroscience, I am enthusiastic and creative Italian woman who's currently working as a Marketing Media Person in Amazon Italy and as a private Italian Teacher.

I love Internet. It is for me a kind of "teleporting" making possible be virtually anywhere, anytime with anyone!

I do appreciate techology however my first and big loves are the nature and the people.
I adore walking and thinking in the silence of nature, drinking an espresso surrounded by hundred of Italian people (standing and drinking an espresso ristretto in 30 seconds and rush to work!) and I love talking to strangers. They always have some amazing compelling stories to tell.

This is me.

Esperienze di Insegnamento:

I have been a teacher since 1991 when I achieved my High National Diploma in Pedagogy. At the time I taught and to children in 1997 I moved to Scotland, where I became a private Italian teacher during my studies at university.

Once back in Italy in 2001, I immediately started working as a Web Project Manager Assistant for a city web Portal.
In 2005 I achieved my Certification ITALS as a Teacher of Italian LS - L2 at Ca' Foscari University of Venice.
At the time Vicenza was going trough a delicate moment and needed volunteers to teach Italian to immigrants. I volunteered.
I had a class of 30 students from different Countries, cultures, backgrounds. A real challenge to start with!
Happily, my students had succeed and most of them live and work in Italy, they are fully integrated and perfectly speak Italian.

After some years in my work place, I started working remotely. I took the chance and moved to Serbia for a year where, a part from learning some Serbian language (I am still learning it… ), I taught Italian privately.

At the moment, I am planning to move to Greece for a while where I will be teaching Italian.

What I have learnt this years:
There is anything more important than communication.
If you communicate clearly and effectively, the doors will be open for you!
This this what I want to provide my students with.

Metodo di Insegnamento:

Learning by doing!

My teaching approach is oriented to produce an interactive environment in which students and the teacher actively collaborate towards the set aims.

Following the European Language Portfolio, the lessons will make possible to learn progressively using different method depending on the acquisition target.

Moreover, the approach to teach will change or become integrative according to where the student lives: are you learning Italian as a foreign language or as a second Language?

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Madrelingua : Italiano
Lingue Aggiuntive : Inglese britannico, Serbo
Disponibilità: Fine settimana / Durante la settimana (tutte le ore)

Qualifiche :

  • Ca' Foscari University of Venice (1973) - Teacher of Italian as a Second Language (Altro) (✘ non verificato)

Tags: Vicenza Italiano insegnante, Vicenza Adulto / casuale Italiano insegnante