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Informazioni su Dario - Napoli insegnante -

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Prescolastico € 30,00
Scuola Elementare € 30,00
Scuola Media inferiore € 30,00
Scuola Media superiore € 30,00
Università / Alta formazione € 30,00
Adulto / casuale € 30,00

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Descrizione Personale:

My name is Dario, I'm the founder and director of ITALIANOPOLI, a small italian school for foreigners in the heart of the historic centre of Naples.

I organize individual and group courses for students who want to learn italian language and culture.
I can offer a discount of 10% for all the courses listed in my school (individual, intensive, mixed intensive, evening and italian literature courses).

Esperienze di Insegnamento:

I'm a highly specialized teacher of Italian as a Second Language. I thaught Italian to students of different background and from all over the world in different places: at university, in private schools of Italian, in a voluntary association for immigrants and as private tutor.

My qualifications are: Master ITALS (Teaching and promotion of Italian language and culture to foreigners) at University Ca' Foscari of Venice, title of administrator CILS exams (Certification of Italian as Foreign Language) and DITALS certification (Teaching Italian to foreigners) at University for foreigners of Siena. I graduated in Modern Literature at University of Naples Federico II.

Metodo di Insegnamento:

My courses offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to the study of the Italian language: I use in fact different methods and techniques to enable our students to really learn the language spoken by the Italians.
Each course is designed to meet the interests and needs of students taking into account their initial linguistic and communicative level.
To achieve this goal I usually prefer to communicate always in Italian even though my students are absolute beginners, using self-produced learning resources and specific manuals for teaching. For students who already have a good knowledge of Italian I often use authentic materials such as commercials, lyrics, videos and newspaper articles.

In each lesson I pay great attention to Italian culture so that the study of language doesn’t only consist of simple grammar exercises. All people spontaneously learn their mother tongue and, when they speak, they do not actually think about the rules of grammar. These may in fact serve only to improve their language production but do not improve linguistic acquisition. Therefore I have the task of selecting teaching materials to make linguistic acquisition natural and spontaneous.

So i give my students a text book but often integrate it with extra resources.

In each course I propose the harmonious development of the four primary skills: listening, writing, comprehension, speaking and writing.

Tutor Resources: (free to download)

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Madrelingua : Italiano
Lingue Aggiuntive : Inglese britannico, Spagnolo
Disponibilità: Durante la settimana (tutte le ore)

Qualifiche :

  • Università Ca'Foscari di Venezia (2016) - Master in didattica e promozione della lingua e cultura italiana a stranieri (Master) (✔ verificato)
  • Università per Stranieri di Siena (2016) - Certificazione DITALS (Formazione professionale) (✔ verificato)
  • Centro Studi e Ricerche Politeia (2010) - Catalogazione beni archivistici e librari (Master) (✔ verificato)
  • Univ. Federico 2 (2007) - Lettere Moderne (Laurea specialistica) (✔ verificato)

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