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Music Festivals


There are plenty of music festivals in the UK, big and small, rock and pop - festivals of different tastes and shapes to suit all your music preferences. It is a great opportunity to enjoy live music and have a little holiday while doing so. You can find different workshops, as well as music ones at some of the festivals and others might have an open mic space where you can showcase your talent and skills. It is also a great opportunity to meet people who think alike and musicians of all kinds.

Family friendly

While most of the festivals welcome people from all ages there are some that have a targeted audience, like The Beach Break which is aimed at students. And if taking kids to most of large festival is not a great idea, there are quite a few family friendly festivals like Camp Bestival, Just So and Beautiful Days.

Camp Bestival is a large one with loads of different activities aside from music, which was created to be suitable for families and it is packed with them. There is a large Kids Area and every year they have a different theme with dress up and related activities. Just So is filled with magic, storytelling and crafts intertwined with music and theatre and has a wide variety of activities for children and parents. Beautiful Days has a hippie and chilled vibe with folk and reggae music. It has a lot of activities for children like dressing up and face painting, as well as theatrical performances and puppet shows which are enjoyable for both kids and adults. This is very far from being the only ones that are family friendly, there are a lot more of them across the country, which you can find out more about on the links provided below.

Different tastes

As mentioned earlier there is an array of festivals to please all tastes and opinions. A lot of festivals are divided by the style of music they play and it is certain you can find just the perfect one for you. Rock, pop, indie, folk, jazz, electronic, ethnic, dance, metal, punk, classical and cross genre - anything you like, they have it. The biggest UK festival - Glastonbury has a mix of music from pop to reggae, however some might opt for a more intimate atmosphere with a focus on a single style.

Home and away

There are also opportunities to enjoy the music in the city if you don't want to travel far away from home. These can be one day festivals as well as lasting a few days with a perk of going home and sleeping in your own bed. And for those who like to travel and camp out there is a whole range of different camping festivals around the country which is a great way not to just enjoy music and learn something new but also see a bit of countryside and get closer to nature. These usually last for a weekend but they also have an option of buying a ticket for a particular day if you just want to see you favourite musician.

Festivals abroad

In case you want to travel a little further away from your home and see other countries or maybe combine your holidays with a festival, you might want to look for a festival abroad. There are a lot of them in Europe, like Heineken Open'er in Poland or summary Soundwave and Outlook festivals in Croatia. There is of course the legendary Coachella festival in the USA in the middle of desert if you are up for some heat to go with your music.

There is a lot to choose from and the choice is yours but it will definitely be a fun and great musical experience!


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