I have retired from full-time teaching after nearly thirty years in the classroom. Although not necessarily by design, I practised my craft in the private sector. I enjoyed every moment in the classroom. Learning a subject is a journey for both student and teacher; the interaction not only takes the student forward but it adds so much depth and understanding of the subject for the teacher. I have a deep love of Economics. It might be known as the 'Dismal Science' but that is definitely a misnomer; Economics provides a vital framework of thinking that enables one to assess and understand the complex world in which we live.

Tutoring Experience

I have some thirty years of teaching experience under my belt. The focus of my many years in the classroom was Economics, although along the way I found myself dipping into a range of social science subjects. Given the numerical aspect of the subject, I have found myself supporting students with the development of basic mathematical skills. The ability range of the students that I have taught has been broad, from those who have been marginal sixth form students - for want of a better expression - to successful Oxbridge candidates. Not only do I have experience of all three major A level boards but I also taught the Standard and Higher Level courses for the IB Diploma for several years.

Tutoring Approach

I must confess that I did not enjoy studying Economics in the Sixth Form; my love of the subject came a little later. That initial challenging experience has shaped the way I approach my teaching. I have always focused on trying to get students to establish a firm and confident command of the core frameworks or models of thinking. In other words, a student needs to know the basics well. This knowledge can be consolidated, becoming understanding, by seeing how the material can be applied to actual economic events. I believe that the best way to learn is for the student to use and apply the ideas that have to be mastered; practice makes perfect. I guide this learning process by working through sets of self-assessment questions relating to the major topics. The responses of students to these questions indicate what they know and highlights the material that is more demanding; at this point, I provide more specific support. I make use of a range of exam material to guide students in producing effective responses to questions.
It is vital that students/parents appreciate that tutoring should complement any formal course of instruction, not replace it.
With reference to session times, I am relatively flexible. Given the demands of the school week, I appreciate that it might be more convenient to meet at weekends.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Oxford Polytechnic1979BachelorsBA Social Studies
Institute of Education, University of London1981PGCEEconomics & Politics
Oxford University1996OtherCerificate in British Archaeology

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