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I am currently a fourth year medical student at the University of Cambridge. With over 200 hours of tutoring experience, I offer high quality tuition in Science and Maths as well as support for medical school applications including UKCAT, BMAT, personal statement and interview preparation (please see tutor resources for example material). As part of my medical degree, I have already obtained a first class degree in medical sciences where I was the top ranking student. For my academic endeavors I have been awarded a number of prestigious prizes and scholarships including one by the Royal College of Physicians. I have also been involved in international research in New York City and at the University of Oxford. I have published numerous research papers; recently in Nature Biotechnology. I excelled in high school were I achieved four Advanced Highers (A-Level) at Grade A that placed me amongst the top 50 students in Scotland. In my free time I enjoy travelling. My most recent adventures took me to the Far East were I spent a month travelling and teaching around China and Japan. I also enjoy watching movies and spending time with friends.

Tutoring Experience

For the past two summers I have worked abroad teaching medical science to high school students (ages 16-18). I have designed curriculums tailor made to fit with the student’s national courses assisting them to gain entry to medical school. My love of teaching began during sixth form when I worked as a part time teaching assistant at my own high school. Teaching encouraged me to think laterally when explaining concepts, especially to children with varying levels of abilities. What works for one child does not necessarily work for another. I have worked with children from disadvantaged backgrounds for a number of years to develop short research projects which they presented at their local university. I work with my University to provide advice to students who intend on applying to University regarding personal statements and entrance exams. At such a critical time in their lives, children can use the support of someone who has recently gone through the same experience, and can identify and adapt to their individuals needs. In addition, I am involved in teaching other medical students at the University of Cambridge through which I am working towards gaining a teaching qualification.

Tutoring Approach

In a classroom setting it is difficult for every child’s needs to be met. They may be too anxious to ask questions in front of pears, the teacher may gloss over a minute detail they believe to be trivial that leaves children with a poor foundation from which to build their knowledge, or spend large amounts of time covering a concept that the child has understood five lessons ago.

I would take a student-centered approach to teaching by asking students to bring their notes and talk me through the topics they feel are most difficult. My aim as your tutor would be to identify YOUR strengths and weaknesses and build upon these appropriately. To truly understand something I believe one must be able to explain the concept to others. I would encourage my students to relay the information I have taught them back to me throughout study sessions to check their understanding. If unclear I would not repeat the same information in the same manner, instead I would explain the concept from other angles to encourage the student to think through what I am saying, and not just memorize the words I am repeating. I have always encouraged my students to interrupt me to clarify concepts and ask questions.

An excellent knowledge base will allow a child to do well in an exam, but to excel it is essential to build on exam technique. I would incorporate past paper questions very early in the curriculum to assess how well a child can apply their knowledge to answering exam questions. This will ensure that by the time the exams are sat the student will be fully prepared.

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Glenrothes High School2013SchoolStandard Grade Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Craft and Design (A), Geography (A), English (A), Mathematics (A), Physics (A)
Glenrothes High School2016CollegeAdvanced Higher Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), and Mathematics (A)
University of Cambridge 2018BachelorsClinical Medicine (BM BChir)

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