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Dr Xi Yu graduated from the top Doctoral Training Centre in the UK which is collaborated with the University of Oxford.
Dr Yu is a native Chinese speaker who has a proven talent for Chinese language, literature, history and culture since childhood. She got 100% score for her Chinese literature and Chinese history examination. Because of interest, she has read numerous books about Chinese history.
As a bilingual, Dr Yu has one book in English published in Cambridge Scholars Press and two books in Chinese published on the Chinese novel website.
Dr Yu’s pronunciation is standard and clear which allowed her being a campus news reader and voice actress in China for 7 years. Dr Yu got her International Registered Professional Certificate of Qualification for 11 years, as well as her Chinese Language Ranking Examination Certificate.
Dr Yu believes that everybody can achieve the level one desires in Chinese Mandarin--all you need to do is to hold your interest, and Dr Yu will do the rest.

Tutoring Experience

2009-2010 As Mandarin teacher training and internship in Shanghai
2010-2017 As Mandarin tutor teaching private tutorials and classes in Glasgow
2019-present As Mandarin tutor teaching private tutorials and classes in London

Tutoring Approach

Dr Yu is currently helping with the A-Level exam practices.
If you want to have a URGENT practice in speaking, listening, reading or writing before your A-level Mandarin exam, please speak to her TODAY.
You will sound more like a native Chinese speaker and have a better ability to structure your sentence in Mandarin.
You will largely INCREASE your chance of entering your dream school!

It is believed that the most difficult part for non-mandarin speakers to learn Mandarin is the very beginning, and fortunately that's what Dr Yu is especially good at. Every class you will learn something that you can use to communicate with Chinese people immediately.
With Dr Yu you will learn the standard pronunciation which is significant because a slightly different pronunciation can lead to misunderstanding, and that is the most common trouble with non-mandarin speakers.
The best way to learn a language is to repeat and correct. In her classes, learning is like a circle--everything will go over and over again to recall your memory and eventually you can say something out without thinking. You will be asked to take a role in a conversation practice to push you to use the sentence you've learned.
Apart from the phonetic system, Dr Yu will show you the Chinese characters to make you familiar with them and teach you how to write them gradually. Eventually you will find that you can read and write some Chinese!
The grammar is not a burden. It is a useful tool to help you understand and use the language. In her classes, grammar is straightforward and easy to follow.
Is that everything? No! The most unique benefit for Dr Yu's students from her Mandarin classes is that you can learn Chinese culture, as well as the interesting history. Everything is like an attractive story to give you a better understanding, and finally you will find that you have fallen in love with this country!

LanguagesChinese, English (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Doctoral Training Centre EPSRC2011DoctoratePhD
University of Strathclyde2010MastersMSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Mandarin Garden Professional Training School2009ProfessionalInternational Profession Certification Association Certificate of Qualification
Chinese Mandarin Language Ranking Examination Centre2008ProfessionalChinese Mandarin Language Ranking Examination Certificate of Qualification

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