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Vasiliki Dimitra

Vasiliki Dimitra

English and Latin Tuition in Salford

I have studied Classics and Greek literature at the University of Athens and I have completed my MA in Applied Linguistics at the University of Essex in U.K. I have also obtained an additional M.Ed in Information and Communication Technologies in Education at the University of Athens in Greece. Apart from my aforementioned studies, I have also participated in several seminars and conferences in Educational Issues, Psychology and Special Education Needs in Greece and the U.K. in order to enrich my knowledge.

Tutoring Experience

I have been a teacher in primary and secondary schools in Greece for several years. Moreover, I have been teaching Greek as a Foreign Language to immigrants as an employee of INEDIVIM. Also, I have been assisting the Greek Classes at Campion, The British International School of Athens.
In addition, regarding the British educational system, I have visited two schools in England and I have been practising for two years (6 months at the Senior School and 1 ½ years at the Junior School) at Campion. Furthermore, I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language at Knowledge School of Foreign Languages and I have been assisting in the EAL classroom at Campion School. Finally, I was teaching pedagogics such as children’s literature and developmental psychology at vocational training centres.

Tutoring Approach

I am always responsible and truly engaged in my work. Moreover, I have excellent organizational skills which is essential for the preparation of the lesson plans. I am patient with my students and I am always trying to earn their trust and respect. Additionally, I am cooperative and I always valued and encouraged team work. Working as a team, helps teachers face several difficulties and increases students' ability to learn. Moreover, being a good role model is even more important, since teachers aside from parents, are one of the most consistent mentors in a child's life. Students need someone to guide them, to be in charge, and set the tone of the class. Adaptability is another important skill. Considering the fact that different students learn in different ways, and some lessons need unique teaching tools, I try to adapt my lesson plan to my students, so that all the pupils learn optimally.
Therefore, I find very challenging to utilize new strategic techniques in my lessons. Specifically, the adoption of alternative and interactive teaching techniques is a key method to gain the students’ interest and to provide them with a deeper understanding. Nowadays, the rapid development of information technology offers a wide variety of tools (videos, PowerPoint) to visualize the information to students in an attractive way. Furthermore, the introduction of Social Networks is a key aspect for the development of the dialogue outside the classroom as well as within the classroom in terms of team projects. Traditional teaching techniques are also very important. For instance, storytelling, especially to younger students, increases their interest, participation and collaboration. Furthermore, I am always open to questions and I am looking for new information to challenge my students and engage them in the development of a dialogue. Thanks to the exchange of ideas students develop their interest in the lesson, participate, learn to respect others’ ideas and develop their critical way of thinking. I also try to find new learning methods although it can be risky and I am interested in constantly learning by looking for ways to broaden my intellectual horizons and enrich my knowledge with courses, workshops, and seminars.

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Vasiliki Dimitra
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