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Subjects Taught


Hourly Rate
Secondary £60.00
GCSE £65.00
A-Level £70.00
University £80.00
Casual Learner £70.00


Hourly Rate
GCSE £65.00


Hourly Rate
GCSE £65.00
A-Level £70.00

Entrance Exams

Hourly Rate
11 Plus £60.00
13 Plus £60.00
14 Plus £65.00
College £70.00
University £80.00

Study Skills

Hourly Rate
Secondary £60.00
GCSE £65.00
A-Level £70.00
University £80.00

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Personal Description:

I am a professional tutor with over six year experience. I am passionate about educating and enjoy meeting every new student.

- M.A. (Hons) History & English – II.i, St. John's College, Cambridge University.
- M.A. Acting, The Oxford School of Drama.
(Full Scholarship – Arts Council England Drama & Dance Award)
- Magdalen College School, Oxford: - Head of Callender House & School Prefect.
A-Levels: English (A), History (A), Spanish (A) & Biology (A)
GCSEs: A*s inc. English Literature & Language, Maths, Three Sciences. (Arts Scholar)
The Sunday Times: Independent School of the Year (2004 & 2008)

- Tennis - School & College Teams.
- Rugby - School Team.
- Surfing - Learning & Going as often as I can.
- Travelling - I have visited over 40 countries & am very keen to reach 50.
- Horse Riding - Intermediate Level - Cross Country, Jousting, & Horse Archery.
- Presenting & Acting - Professional: UK & International tours: USA, Canada, Australia.
- Spanish Literature, Food, & Films.
- Fabian Society & Young Fabians.
- Writing - Plays (one currently in pre-production), Short Stories, Novels.
Soho Theatre London Writers’ Group.
- Living Books - Campaign I founded to help improve the levels of literacy in Southwark,
London, for young people using actors’ skills to bring books to life.

Tutoring Experience:

- Bespoke tuition built around each family’s unique educational circumstances.
- Regular and/or short term, intensive residential tuition in the UK & internationally.
- Online tuition & meetings using shared screens & documents.
- Support for students & families relocating to the UK including those seeking placement in top Independent Schools & Universities.
- Arrangement of tuition teams for clients requiring a broad range of subject specialists.
- Home schooling for i/GCSEs, A Levels, & re-takes.
- Six + years experience with students from 5 to 21 across a variety of subjects.
- Over two dozen successful scholarship students at top UK Independent Schools.
- Ongoing mentoring for students & advice for parents.

- Private Education Consultant & Tutor: (Jun 2010-Present) **Web Address Removed**
- Roundtable Tutors: Education Consultant & Tutor (Aug 2013-Present) **Web Address Removed**
- Gabbitas Education: Education Consultant & Tutor (Jun 2012-Present) **Web Address Removed**

Private Tutoring across a range of subjects both in the UK & Internationally. In depth, one-to-one tuition to tackle particular issues with focussed work over a specific length of time. e.g.: Source questions for History GCSE. Longer term confidence building & mentoring positions, with a lower frequency of sessions over a number of months/years. e.g.: Public speaking, recitation, and presentation techniques. University Applications. I am fully DBS checked. (Previously known as CRB.)

- Make School: UK Development Manager (May 2016-Present) **Web Address Removed**
Managing the roll out of Make School in the UK, liaising with local & national government.

Subject Specialisms:
- Interview, Communication, & Presentation Techniques with Confidence Building & Mentoring.
- English Literature: 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, i/GCSE, A Level, Degree.
- English Language: 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, i/GCSE, A Level, IELTS.
- History: 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, i/GCSE, A Level.
- Biology, Chemistry, Physics: i/GCSE.
- Essay Technique: 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, i/GCSE, A Level, Degree.
- Entrance Exams: 11+, 13+, Common Entrance, Eton: King’s Scholarship, Winchester: Elections, Harrow, St. Paul’s, Westminster, Wycombe Abbey, Dulwich, Oundle, Sevenoaks, Stowe, UCS, etc…

Tutoring Approach:

I believe that confidence is key and it is always my first goal for a student. This is built up by engaging the student and creating a good rapport, then reassuring, enthusing, and inspiring them. This provides the platform from where the student is confident to commit and allows real academic progress to be made.


We had the pleasure of Tadhgh as our tutor for our son to support him during GCSE preparation. Tadhgh was punctual, structured, personable and very knowledgeable. Jasper enjoyed his company enormously which meant he looked forward to the 1 to 1 sessions and used the time productively. By the time the exams took place he was well prepared and performed well, and this was down to the support provided by Tadhgh. I ended up recommending Tadhgh to a number of friends who were equally pleased with his support. I have no reservation in recommending him when it comes to personal tuition.
Elske W.
(Mother of Jasper - GCSE Biology, History, English Literature & Language - 4 x A*s)

Tadhgh was an excellent tutor. In just a few sessions he was able to diagnose and, most importantly, explain to our daughter what she needed to shift in the way she was answering questions in order to move from A to A* grades.
Karen F.
(Mother of Sophie - A Level English Literature - A*)

Tadhgh was a total saviour for me when it came to not only completing my A Level English examinations in 2015, but also improving my overall result by a whole grade, a task which was not only statistically demanding but also seemed nearly impossible to me at the time. After a serious setback during the year of my AS exams, with various mental and physical health issues resulting in me obtaining a 'B' grade, it was a relief for me when Tadhgh offered his unconditional support and encouragement through not only verbal discussion, but also detailed, constructive criticism regarding my the practice essays. Despite Tadhgh living 13 hours away from me, our communication through Skype video calls, to which he was completely committed, strongly impacted my confidence, clarity of ideas, and fluency of essay writing. I strongly recommend that those in need of a tutor do contact Tadhgh, as both his professionalism and easy going character made my own learning experience an incredibly fulfilling and worthwhile one.
Lucy S.
(A Level English Literature Student - Grade A)

Tadhgh is a very experienced teacher, which I could tell easily when he first taught me. He made me think outside the box and went into a lot of detail when we were doing exercises. Online lessons are good depending on your teacher. Tadhgh keeps you occupied for the whole lesson so you have no time to go off task on the computer. I was always captivated for the whole lesson. He helped my English improve so I got an A mark in my Common Entrance exam.
Thomas C.
(13+ Student - Successful application to Harrow)

Tadhgh proved to be an excellent tutor for my child - conscientious and always trying hard to engage their interest which he succeeded in doing. He created a well thought out revision schedule and was always on hard after our time with him finished to answer any questions my child had in the run up to their exams. I highly recommend him.
Joe G.
(Father of Jean - AS Level English Literature & History - A & B)

If only we could have seen Tadhgh more often! Now that Luke is starting at Eton that will hopefully be easier to achieve. It was a pleasure having Tadhgh stay with us – he is the perfect guest and great dinner company, as well as good fun on a day trip! Luke needed help to realise his own strengths and weaknesses and Tadhgh was just the ticket. I have already and will continue to recommend him to my friends stateside and in Europe.
Andrea C.
(Mother of Luke - 13+ - Successful application to Eton)

Tadhgh`s open personality and sound knowledge was critical in enabling detailed discussions of the A level texts helping my son to develop the analytical and essay writing skills needed. He encouraged my son to push himself to try and achieve the best results and showed him how to organise his work and his ideas within an exam situation. Tadhgh worked hard to ensure that the lessons were always enjoyable and stimulating. I am very happy to recommend Tadhgh as an excellent tutor.
Ruth G.
(Mother of Jake - A Level English Literature - Grade A)

Tadhgh gave me tremendous help in understanding how to write a proper academic essay. He made it very clear to me what my strengths and weaknesses were and how I could improve my work. Speaking regularly to him over skype and email enabled me to dramatically improve the quality of work, which was reflected in my score. His tutelage is definitely worthwhile.
Benedict W.
(English Literature Student at Bath University - Graduated with a high II.i)

Naomi has done very well & to my surprise she's enjoying English. She's even saying she will take it afor A level! She always remembers you by saying "If it weren't for Tadhgh I wouldn't have liked English!" You should be very proud. Naomi did very well In all the 11+ exams. She was accepted to St. Paul’s, Henrietta Barnet, and Camden School for Girls. But we got a letter from St Michael’s Grammar to ask if Naomi would like to join them. She came first in their exam. Since meeting the headmaster she has accepted the place. We just want to say thank you for all your support & for believing in her. When sometimes she was messing around, you always told her she could do better & inspired her to do the work again. It helped a lot. She's smarter &, more importantly, wiser. We believe you helped her to aim high. She's already aiming to go to Cambridge or Harvard. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being an inspiration to her. We hope to see you again one day.
Yodit B.
(Mother of Naomi - 11+ & Common Entrance - Successful application to St. Paul’s Girls (Scholarship offer), Camden High School, Latymer & Godolphin (Scholarship offer) & City of London School for Girls (Scholarship offer)

Tadhgh is a very motivated tutor, providing brilliantly motivating lessons. He was able to extend English teaching to apply to the areas of Biology and Chemistry. He provided very helpful advice and practice for interview techniques and confidence regarding communication and presentations. My son now feels very confident presenting projects at University and this has been thanks to Tadhgh. John received constructive criticism and positive ideas for improvement in communication, both written and verbal. He very much enjoyed the tutoring sessions and benefitted tremendously from them. Tadhgh managed to return the confidence to my son that had been reduced due to the bad quality of teaching at his school. I wish there were more teachers like Tadhgh in the school system.
Maria O.
(Mother of John - English Language & Communication Skills for Science Baccalaureate -
Successful application to five Russell Group Universities)

Andrew hаs reаlly enjоyed wоrking with Tadhgh. I hаve been quite аgаinst tutоring - аlwаys believed thаt children shоuld be left tо figure оut their оwn wаy. But аfter meeting Tadhgh, I reаlised thаt there is оne thing the schооls аre definitely missing - they will nоt be аble tо find high quаlity teаchers like him. Children dо need tо see greаt things tо be inspired.
Xue H.
(Mother of Andrew - 11+ & Common Entrance - Successful application to St. Paul’s)can

Initially I was looking for a tutor to prepare my son for his 11+ english test. Tadhgh’s profile looked interesting to me so I hired him, and it was a very pleasant surprise. He did not only focus on the vocabulary and past test papers for 11+, he also helped my son choose the best books to read, helped his writing style, and his public speaking. My son made discernible improvement in his writing and public speaking in school afterwards, as noted by his teachers. What’s more important is that he also gained a huge amount of confidence in both. I am very happy with our experience with Tadhgh. He is a fantastic tutor and I recommend him very strongly.
Yi Z.
(Mother of Luc - 11+)

Native Language: English (British)
Availability: Weekdays (all times)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)


  • Cambridge University (2011) - English - 2.i (Bachelors) (✔ On File)
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford (2007) - History - A, Biology - A, English Literature - A (College) (✔ On File)
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford (2007) - Spanish - A (College) (✔ On File)
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford (2005) - English Lit / English Language / Maths / Spanish / French / Biology / Physics / Chemistry / History - 8 A*s, 1 A (School) (✔ On File)

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