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While my first “love” is scientific research work, I always enjoyed interacting the students that were an essential part of my career to date. It was a joy to watch them grow in confidence. To expand on this pleasure of working with students, I assisted a principal teacher at my son’s primary school in expanding their science curriculum. We ran a mini-science club at the school this spring. In a similar vane, I am offering to share my knowledge and skills through tutoring students (biology at the higher levels of high school/early university and I can assist students in general science at the beginning of high school).

By being educated in the US, I benefited by the liberal art approach to education. This type of education means that students are exposed to a wide, diverse range of subjects. The liberal art approach inspired me to be curious about various topics. For example, while at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I took classes in history, philosophy, fine arts, and literature.

My biological scientific knowledge and experience is wide-ranging. I have a BS in biological sciences from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and was required to take classes from a variety of biological-relevant studies. While my interests in biology has always surrounded what is happening at the level of the cell, I took courses in botany, ecology, genetics, microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy/ physiology, and developmental biology. My PhD is in cell biology from Johns Hopkins University. Since completing my PhD in 1999, I worked with Dr. Joseph V. Gray at the University of Glasgow where I analyzed various yeast mutants genetically, biochemically and cell biologically.

Tutoring Experience

My interaction with undergraduate and graduate students within the lab was a great joy for me. During my doctoral studies I was responsible for teaching two laboratory classes and for marking exams for two lecture classes. In my research career, I supervised numerous students (undergraduate and graduate) within a research setting. I designed their projects and assessed their abilities within a research laboratory environment. I helped in creating an environment that is supportive and encouraged them with their own progression within scientific research. I always was delighted with their successes and offered encouragement through their more difficult times. I will be using the techniques from the research lab to tutoring - supportive and encouraging.

Tutoring Approach

I believe learning is interactive. While we are discussing a topic, I expect you to be able to ask questions as we go through the material. This is important to make sure we succeed in you understanding the topic at hand. I will also ask you questions to ensure you are understand the topic; this will include at times explaining it make to me.

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