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Maths and Physics Lessons in Didcot

Since taking GCSE science I have been fascinated by the laws that govern how our universe works. As well as spending large amounts of time reading books and research papers I also take part in many public engagement schemes.
In the last few years I've been involved with an Aim Higher initiative, travelling round schools and colleges demonstrating 'hot and cold chemistry' a 1 hour demonstration/group experiment involving the use of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and liquid nitrogen and showing some of the strange properties that substances have when you cool them down to -200 degrees!
More recently I have been involved with historic engagement, demonstrating crafts and skills of the vikings and saxons for large groups at various historic locations throughout the UK.

Tutoring Experience

I've spent the last 5 years working in education, initially based in schools, then moving to work full time as a private tutor.
During my time as a tutor I have worked with a wide range of students, from those struggling to progress in their usual lessons to those who wish to make sure they are able to get an A* grade.
Throughout my time teaching I have recieved very positive comments from all my tutees and the vast majority contact me again when they have future exams.

Tutoring Approach

One of the main reasons students struggle in schools is a belief by teachers that if something is written in a students book, then they must understand it. This has led to far too much 'copying off the board' and endless 'fill in the blanks' worksheets both of which have very little educational value.
My approach to tutoring is based around genuine discussion where I encourage students to come up with their own explanations, rather than simply listing facts and hoping they are remembered. This approach has been very successful for me with the vast majority of students improving by a grade or more in the subjects that I have worked with them. This method of working also means that I can tailor the lesson specifically to suit the student, rather than having to focus on generic pre made worksheets.
At the end of each session I ensure that we review the topics we've discussed by looking at either exam or 'real world' examples of questions. This process ensures that students have both an in depth understanding of the science as well as the ability to succeed in exams.

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University of Hull2008BachelorsBSc Physical Chemistry 2:2
Didcot 6th Form2005CollegeA level ICT
Didcot 6th Form2005CollegeA level Physics
Didcot 6th Form2005CollegeA level Chemistry

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