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Having graduated from the University of Durham in Modern Languages, I am keen to offer my expertise in language learning, as well as in a range of other school subjects, in all of which I have a proven track record of academic success.

As an alumni of the country’s top grammar school and one of the top universities of the country, I can teach the student how to grasp challenging concepts effortlessly, and learn facts and figures efficiently. 

During my year abroad, I spent 5 months teaching English at a private tuition centre in Hannover and have been tutoring on and off ever since. Whilst I was studying Arabic in Beirut, I also tutored in English German and French, working part time as an independent tutor and voluntarily at the Goethe Institute in Lebanon.

I am passionate, approachable and friendly in my teaching style. I am a strong communicator, with excellent interpersonal skills and thrive off creating a positive learning environment. I would argue that my main strength lies in empathising with and understanding the student. As someone who did go to state school, I appreciate that classes in school may not necessarily be tailored to the individual, and that is what I aim to do: create a safe learning environment where we can assess together the strengths and weaknesses and so that student gets the best outcome they can.

Tutoring Experience

My previous experience in teaching, both abroad and within the UK, has allowed me to teach interesting and inspirational people from different ethnic, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds as well those with varying degrees of ability.

I have been tutoring on and off since 2014 and my former clients include a german-speaking senior citizen looking to learn English for the first time, the son of a German Minister, looking for guidance in his English, French and Maths.

More recently, I had been tutoring a young boy of 8 who had Asperger’s Syndrome, and helped focus more in school. His parents said that his confidence in school had grown since I’d been tutoring him, with noticeable improvements in Maths and the Sciences.

Tutoring Approach

I tend to tutor individuals because I like to offer undivided attention to the student. This is something that I did not always receive at school, and found through being tutored privately, I was able to discuss problems that were not addressed in class, privately. This undoubtedly helped me in my confidence at school, and this is what I aim to offer.

My aim, by creating a safe learning environment, is to help the student grow. No question is too stupid to be asked and they will not be reprimanded or chastised for making mistakes. From personal experience, I have found this method of teaching to be detrimental to a person’s learning and their self confidence. We only learn from making mistakes.

I strongly believe that the best way to achieve is by following a three point plan that concentrates on preparation, repetition, and facing challenges head on.

Firstly, I plan to give the student a space where we can devise together a clear cut plan of what the intended goals with me are. The use of course specifications allows me to establish what exactly the student is to learn, and to methodically teach them this. As such, I will be able to offer insider’s advice on what the examiners/markers are exactly after.

Secondly, I consider repetition to be the mother of all skill. If the student is struggling with the basics, I will ensure we keep practicing them, until we know that their foundations are solid. For example, after learning a certain topic, I like to test the student, so that we can highlight areas where understanding needs to be clarified further. Here, is where students often make mistakes, and only through the act of making mistakes do we understand where we have gone wrong.

Lastly, I assert that challenges should be relished; I intend to guide the student in bringing to light areas of difficulty that impede success, and I will teach them to how to view these difficulties, not as weaknesses, but rather as opportunities for greater improvement.

Traditional method of teaching have not worked for me. I advocate a relaxed learning environment as opposed to a stricter, more formal approach. I encourage students to challenge, question and discuss what they learn. I find this reinforces concepts learnt. Children are naturally curious, and I find exploring their interests helps them learn. For example, when learning a language, reading texts that interest the children, I find, helps them learn better, and the material tends to stay in their mind longer as it appeals to them more.

Ultimately, the student is in charge, and they get to dictate what areas we need to focus on, be that Algebra or German grammar, and by ensuring that we follow my three point plan, we can aim for true success.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Arabic, French, German
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (evenings)
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University of Durham 2015Bachelors2:1 BA (Hons) Modern Languages (German and Arabic)
French Institute for the Near East, Beirut, Lebanon2014College95% average in Arabic Final Exams
Colchester Royal Grammar School 2011CollegeA-Levels: AAB (Mathematics, German & French); AS-Levels: AAAB (French, German, Mathematics & Physics)
Westcliff Highschool for Boys2009SchoolGCSEs: 10 A*s and 2 As (Including, English Language and Literature and the Sciences)
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