Mahmudur Shafir

Mahmudur Shafir

In year 12 I achieved the grades BDDE at As levels. Now most people will read those grades and think I am a failure academically and I can never get better. This failure drove me to work harder and ultimately I ended up retaking and achieved 4A's (in maths,further maths , physics and chemistry) in As levels.

This experience is what makes me unique to other tutors out there; I know how to start from the bottom and reach for the top. I can teach students from any ability and help them realise their potential.

Now I recently finished A levels with the grades A*A*A (maths, further maths and physics) and, now going to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at one of the worlds top engineering school (Imperial College London).

Tutoring Experience

All my life I have been someone who always taught other students. I have taught students from different abilities so, therefore understand how to craft the best teaching method for individuals. I have been teaching for many years now but fairly recently started to teach professionally.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is individualized and differentiated for each learner depending on their learning ability, prior starting point and personal preferences.

I provide one-to-one tuition and also give lessons in small groups where students receive an elite level of tuition.

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Kantor King Solomon2017CollegeA* A level Mathematics
Kantor King Solomon2017CollegeA* A level Further Mathematics
Kantor King Solomon2017CollegeA A Level Physics
Mahmudur Shafir
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