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I am a 25 year old Masters student from London, half-way through a MSc in theoretical physics at Imperial College. I grew up in London and attended Highgate School and UCS where I achieved 9 A/A* grades at GCSE and A-levels in Physics (A), Maths (A), and Economics (B). Whilst attending school I received some personal tuition, which was a great help and took vast amounts of pressure from my shoulders; allowing me to pursue extra-curricular activities. This was extraordinarily beneficial when it came to applying to University, and provided a solid base for me to chase my academic dream. I've found myself with plenty of spare time between lectures and extra-curricular reading in which tutoring would be ideal to help pay off those pesky student debts. I graduated from the University of Bath in 2015 with a first class degree in Physics, and spent a year on placement working at a Laser facility in Oxford as part of my degree. Whilst undertaking my postgraduate studies I'm residing at my family home in St Johns Wood and am willing to travel far and wide to reach a wide range of tutees.

In my leisure time I like to spend time broadening my knowledge outside of physics, taking a keen interest in philosophy and literature; utilising the Imperial’s substantial offline and online resources to accommodate my interest. In my year off between secondary education and University, I traveled to China for two months to study Kung-Fu. Before heading out to the far east, I took a beginners course in mandarin so I could communicate with the locals, to make the experience more fulfilling and enjoyable. Although Physics is one of my main interests and the topic of discussion in most scenarios of my day-to-day life, I feel it is important to find some separation and pursue other areas of interest. Before damaging both my knees, a few years ago I formed a Sunday league football team with a few old friends that I help run. I am a keen film fan and an avid follower of the comedy circuit.

Tutoring Experience

Whilst studying in Bath I volunteered for a programme called 'Lab in a Lorry', an organisation I found through the university. They tour the country in a large mobile unit kitted-out with several experiments and interactive demonstrations to bring science and mathematics to pre-GCSE children with the aim of peaking their interest. It is a joint venture of the Institute of Physics and the Schlumberger Foundation. I was able to volunteer several times and was privileged to be able to teach a wide range of age groups, which was vital experience for me as a soft introduction to teaching.

During my time teaching I ran several practical demonstrations for the kids ranging from an introduction to fibre optics and their use in modern medicine and surgery, to an insight into polarisation of electromagnetic radiation and how it alters how we see our Sun. These experiences were extremely fulfilling, and encouraged me to become a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) ambassador whilst on placement in Oxford. This involved running several outreach programmes at local (and not so local) schools, with the intention of making science fun and more relevant to young children. Myself, accompanied by several other placement students, exposed scientific thinking and novel ideas to children of ages 6 to 12. Some of these activities included: telescopic observation of the moon, an insight into the specific electromagnetic dependent appearance of galaxies, the formation of stars and other stellar activities, as well as several other aeronautic and space based demos.

I have been tutoring now for two years and have seen approximately 20 tutees come and go. From this experience I can boast of an average improvement in students performance of a minimum of two grade boundaries. I can bring knowledge, a calm and friendly demeanour, and a methodical teaching approach; and have experience at making science and mathematics fun to learn whilst also shedding light on their importance in everyday life.

Tutoring Approach

My approach to teaching is a method that I have been accustomed to over my educational tenure. This approach is heavily example based, which I feel is best suited for analytical and critical thinking fields such as physics and mathematics. Allowing the student time to think and providing hints and guidance where needed have been particularly effective methods in guiding me through secondary education and my degrees.

The structure of my lessons is as follows: I will dedicate a third to one half of the allotted time to an overview of the method or theory that is to be covered in the session. The time dependence directly related to the difficulty and complexity of the subject at hand. This subset of time will be filled by an interactive slideshow covering the topic and basic examples of applications to everyday life. After this, I will introduce a few simpler example questions, that I will run through with my student in detail before handing the reigns over to them to answer multiple exam-style questions; for which I will give hints and review the necessary material before going through the method of the marker. This is a tried and tested successful technique.

Upon approach of the examination period, the tutoring sessions will change to entirely question and answer based conditioning exercises. These will be example questions taken from previous papers and my personal stash of textbooks and notes.

This method of teaching has worked extremely well with me over the last 10 years, and I have full faith (and plenty of evidence!) that it will do wonders for my tutees too.

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University of Bath2015BachelorsBSc in Physics (1st class honours)
Imperial College2017MastersMSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces (half-way through)

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