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I am a graduate of Newcastle University, with a BA and MA in Classics and Ancient History. After spending two years training and working as a teacher in Durham, I'm looking forward to helping people understand and enjoy a subject that has fascinated me for almost two decades.

While my degree was based around Ancient Roman History, I'm interested in a wide range of topics, periods and subjects, from the Crusades to the Nazis. At the moment, I've been following the US presidential election with extreme interest, but I've also been reading about everything from Henry IV to the American Civil War.

When it comes to teaching and tutoring, I pride myself on my subject knowledge and enthusiasm, but also on my patience. I know (having struggled for years in French and Physics) that some subjects don't come naturally to people, and that people master different skills and topics in different ways and at different speeds. I firmly believe that everyone can do well in history if they're given enough time and enough support to get their head around the different people, ideas and dates, but equally that everyone should be able to enjoy history and find something in any topic they can relate to.

Tutoring Experience

After completing my teaching qualifications in 2015, I spent a year teaching History, Geography, and Religious Studies in a school in Durham. In that time, I worked with exam classes for A Level and GCSE in History and AS Ancient History, as well as all age groups from Year 7 to 13. In this period, I built up a large selection of teaching materials and resources, as well as a network of contacts who keep me up to date with new ideas and specifications.

During my time as a teacher, I found that I worked best with individual students and small groups, rather than full classes, and that I'd often want to spend more time tailoring lessons to my students than was possible. As a result, when I finished my NQT year and decided to move back to Newcastle, I decided to work to my strengths and become a tutor.

Tutoring Approach

While relatively new to tutoring, I like to start by pinpointing what we want to achieve - whether it's a specific target, an individual skill, or just generally increasing your confidence in a subject so you can get more out of it and enjoy it more. Once I've done that, I try to find out which ways you prefer to learn, whether it's from a traditional 'pen and paper' approach, or using more hands on techniques, video or other media.
When looking at a specific topic, I usually start by working out what you know and what you're confident with, and building from there. When I teach, I often use modern comparisons to help history make sense, using everything from what's going on in the news to films, TV and music as a frame to build understanding around and to make it easy to remember.

Once you're confident about the material, we can move on to answering questions and exam technique. I try and boil exam questions down to the important parts, and (even at A Level) use a few simple techniques and structures to build the basics of an answer around. By teaching and developing these, I find that pupils tend to avoid making mistakes and quickly learn to polish their answers up to hit the top levels required by the mark scheme. I also offer detailed feedback and mock-marking of essay and exam questions where required.

Overall, I try to make tutoring as enjoyable as possible without sacrificing the benefits. I keep sessions relaxed but focused on what we can achieve, and I try to tailor the sessions to the individual to make the subject come alive. I hope that by working with you, I can help you to develop your skills and understanding of the subject, while also making it exciting and accessable.

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University of Durham2015PGCEPGCE Secondary History
Newcastle University2014MastersClassics and Ancient History
Newcastle University2013BachelorsAncient History
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