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Robert offers a discount of 50% on their first / introductory lesson!

Computer Studies / I.T.

Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
Primary £30.00£27.00
Secondary £30.00£27.00
GCSE £30.00£27.00
A-Level £30.00£27.00
University £30.00£27.00
Casual Learner £30.00£27.00

English (Foreign Language)

Hourly RateOnline Lessons
Hourly Rate
Primary £30.00£27.00
Secondary £30.00£27.00
GCSE £30.00£27.00
A-Level £30.00£27.00
University £30.00£27.00
Casual Learner £30.00£27.00

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Personal Description:

My name is Robert, and I am 27. I have been tutoring full-time since 2012, and tutored part-time for almost two years prior to then. In that time I have tutored students from all around the world - from Portugal to Brazil; Ukraine to China; Malaysia to the United States. I have had over 630 students for a total of at least 2,500 lessons. These lessons have ranged from one-to-one, small groups, and all the way up to 100+ lectures.

As of September 2015, I have an 97% success rate of helping students achieve at least an upper second-class honours. This success is across Java, ASP, C#, HTML5, SQL, and Visual Basic. It also encompasses courses such as Business Information Systems, Computer Science, and various master's degrees.

What I offer as a tutor is a committed and passionate approach to learning. I am easy-going, and as a result, I excel at forming strong empathetic bonds with students. Good tutoring is a combination of an in-depth knowledge of the subject and good communication, and I am someone who has both. Mostly importantly, I really enjoy tutoring.

Whether you want a tutor in order to excel, or simply to get up to speed, then I will be able to help you to not only learn, but also to enjoy the subject.

Tutoring Experience:

I have tutored full-time since completing my master's degree in 2012. I have taught in-home and online, and have extensive experience in both. This includes 3 years of tutoring university undergraduate students in UNIX, Android and Java; 6 years of offering private tutoring in VB, C#, ASP, Java, SQL,and HTML5; 1 year of lecturing returning computer science graduates in Android and Java.

I am also an ESL tutor on the web-based platform Fluentify. There, I plan and deliver English lessons to students with various backgrounds, create a personalised English curriculum for each student based on their level of English, objectives, time commitments, and interests, and track all errors, mispronunciations, and create an individual report for each student which is sent at the end of the lesson. I have delivered over 1,000 one-to-one lessons to 250 different students and have, to date, a 99.6% approval rating.

I am an academic author, having written an MSc. thesis entitled "Technology Enhanced Programming Pedagogy" which was published in 2012. This was an advanced version of my final year project - awarded the Microsoft project of the year award for the most innovative final year project - which focused on interactively teaching programming to novice learners.

Tutoring Approach:

It depends on the student, really. Some are motivated intrinsically - they genuinely want to learn the subject - while others are motivated extrinsically - they want to pass. Some respond better to metaphors, others to images, others to plain text on a page. Starting out I try to determine what they want out of the arrangement anI believe fundаmentаlly thаt being а greаt tutоr is about building аn empаthetic bоnd with а student. If yоu get tо knоw their strengths, weаknesses аnd аreаs оf interest, yоu cаn tаilоr yоur tutоring tо their specific needs. I pride myself оn fоrming strоng wоrking relаtiоnships with my students, аnd оn fоstering in them а pаssiоn fоr their subject.

I enjоy empоwering students tо wоrk differently thаn they аre used tо. I plаce the оnus оn them tо develоp а strоng criticаl fаculty. I try to fоster аn аbility tо reseаrch, reаsоn, аnd tо justify their оwn stаndpоints. This wоrks well with thоse whо аren't suited tо trаditiоnаl clаssrооm envirоnments, аs well аs thоse whо аre lооking tо tаke their wоrk tо the next level. My lessоns functiоn like аn Oxfоrd tutоriаl - there's simply nо better wаy tо leаrn effectively, efficiently, аnd tо see аn imprоved perfоrmаnce.

My lessоns dоn't end when the time is up. I аm cоntаctаble viа emаil, SMS, оr Whаtsаpp оutside оf lessоn time. Whenever I see а relevаnt videо, newspаper аrticle оr infоgrаphic, I will send them аcrоss tо the student using my preferred teаching plаtfоrm. My students respоnd pоsitively tо seeing infоrmаtiоn in new wаys.d go from there.

As a general rule of thumb it'll involve learning plan -> explain topic -> examples -> exercises -> homework. If it's a longer arrangement I try to design sessions in such a way that, using web development as an example, by the end each session will have encompassed an aspect of a website and upon completion a fully functional website will have been made as opposed to each being abstract in its own right. I find that if you simply teach variables, then ifs, then loops and so on as opposed to what programming actually is it's difficult to put the pieces together.

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Native Language: English (British)
Additional Languages: French
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)


  • University College Cork (2012) - Research (Masters) (✔ On File)
  • University College Cork (2011) - Business Information Systems (Bachelors) (✔ On File)

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