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Home Tuition for Maths and Physics in Watford

I am teaching online by Skype and Microsoft team.
I am experienced Mathematics and Science Teacher with over 12 years of teaching experience with an excellent teaching result of 7+,11+, 13+, SATs, KS2, KS3, GCSE, IGCSE and A-level. ​

I have done master’s in Mathematics and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

I am hard working, organized, flexible with time and frequency, committed and positive attitude towards learning, patience, self motivated, passionate about learning and helping students to achieve very best of their abilities.

11+ Verbal Reasoning (VR) is problem solving using vocabulary, language and mathematical skills. I teach VR techniques e.x. sequences, numeric codes, alphabet and number reasoning, analogy and patterns etc. Plenty of exam style questions and papers practice (GL+CEM).
11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) is patterns and shapes reasoning. i.e. odd one out, similarities, series, pattern, movement (reflection, rotation) and matrices etc.
11+ Maths is based on mental arithmetic, core topic knowledge and reasoning to understand question. I encourage students to develop problem solving skills by writing word equation and number sentences followed by each sentence of a question. Introducing methods to speed calculations to manage time effectively in the exams. Plenty of exam practice questions and past papers.

A-Level Results in 2020

Maths and Chemistry : grade A to B (Kings college, The university of Edinburgh and Bristle university).


Maths: grade 9 to 6 (four students have taken Maths and Further maths in A-level)

Science: grade 9 to 7 (two students have taken A-level Chemistry and Biology for medicine, 3 have taken Chemistry and Physics)

Four students have achieved grade 9 and 8 in year-10 Maths and Science. (GCSE/IGCSE)

Note: Students names are not published due to data protection act.

Tutoring Experience

I have got over 12 years teaching experience of working with primary and Secondary School students. Currently, I am working as a full-time tutor and teaching IGCSE, AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam board from KS2 to A-level. I have deep and thorough knowledge of new curriculum.

My lesson involves deep and thorough knowledge of my subject and relevant homework based on individual abilities, which help my student to achieve outstanding results, confidence and interest in the subject. I plan lesson with lots of real-life examples, fun and engaging.

Students take the newly learnt concepts into the school environment and start seeing the results from the very next lesson. This helps to increase their confidence and engagement in the lessons. This, as a result, increases their liking for the subject. This liking is vital to maintain their engagement, confidence and interest in Maths and Science.

Every tutee and activity is different so a tailored approach is essential.

Tutoring Approach

• All aspects of syllabus are covered in the lesson.

• Detailed and comprehensive notes are provided per topic to help in revision.

• Lessons are interactive, and planned to develop knowledge, understanding, motivation and self-confidence.

• Once student has deep understanding of topic, plenty of most recent exam practice papers and techniques are provided, based
on exam board and individual student abilities.

• Progress is regularly reviewed through assessment and progress test to ensure objectives and aims are met.

• Regular homework is set related to topic, covered in the lesson as well as previously covered topic to nurture student knowledge, understanding, exam techniques and to manage time effectively in exams.

• Regular feedback is given to parents and students about progress and attainment of lesson.

• Students are encouraged to use relevant material, correct methodologies and guidance to achieve full potential target grade,
make sure students are delighted with my logical step-by-step teaching approach, understand task and give them honest

• Option for teaching: one-to-one and Skype lesson. Home schooling support is also available.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Hindi
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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India2002MastersMaster in mathematics
India1999BachelorsBachelor in Computer Science

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