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Maths and Physics Lessons in Oxford

I am a trustworthy, reliable Academic Doctor at the John Radcliffe Hospital. I have always done well academically culminating in winning the University of London Gold Medal in Medicine out of >1600 candidates. I have a First Class Honours intercalated BSc in Immunity and Infection; I came 1st in Scotland in the British Biology Olympiad; I was the Dux of my school (highest scoring student), and I have won prizes for 1st place in the year in 3rd year, and 3rd place in the year in both 1st and 2nd years of Medicine.

I believe I have done well in my studies because I truly enjoy learning and understanding new things, rather than learning for the sake of it. I feel that by instilling this attitude into my students I will be able to markedly improve their results.

As well as tutoring Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to GCSE level, I am also happy to provide sessions for mock Medical interviews with detailed feedback.

Tutoring Experience

I have been a private tutor in Mathematics and Physics at 11+ and GSCE level for several years. I noticed that students significantly improve when they could make the links between what they were taught in class and the exam questions I did with them. Sadly this is often omitted in schools, possibly because of limited time.

I regularly tutor younger students in Medicine and they comment that they enjoy my sessions because I am able to distil and clarify the relevant points in order to understand the rest of the material.

In my final year of school I tutored students in Year 3 and Year 8; this taught me the importance of presenting information at the appropriate level for the student to understand the content.

Tutoring Approach

Firstly I'd clarify what the tutee's needs are; if they have any areas of particular weakness I'd address this. Often the student makes dramatic progress if just a small issue of understanding is resolved.

After taking care of any major problems I have two approaches to my teaching: firstly understanding the material, and secondly preparing for exams - I believe both are essential to do well in a subject. There are many students who are excellent in their understanding but unfortunately their exam technique lets them down. I feel it is crucial to study the exam itself in order to succeed and this is generally an area that school teachers don't stress enough. To this end, once a topic is understood, I go through several past paper questions with the student, and discuss related matters, which highlights the level of detail required to excel.

I make my sessions as enjoyable as possible by concentrating on understanding principles before memorising facts. There is no better feeling for me than when my tutees start to see everything fall into place.

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Imperial College London2015BachelorsMBBS
Imperial College London2013BachelorsBSc (First Class Honours)
George Heriot's School2009SchoolAdvanced Highers (Scottish - 4 A*)
George Heriot's School2008SchoolHighers (Scottish - 5 A*)

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