Hey there! I’m Pranav. I have just graduated in History from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
Fundamentally, my personality and interests revolves around the central fulcrum of people. What guides my academic and creative passions is ultimately my desire to better understand the human condition; why people act in certain ways in certain circumstances; and the values and philosophies underpinning different societies and their cultures.
I have been particularly interested in the humanities during my academic studies, keeping this tradition going whilst at university by taking modules in Anthropology and Sociology. My passion is in History, where at LSE I expanded my horizons to Latin America, East Asia, the Middle East and South Asia – including some modern African history – from the Early Modern to Modern periods. It was inspiring reading intensely about many regions of the world rarely explored at school; or if at all, usually from a Eurocentric perspective only. By the end of my degree, I developed an advanced understanding of historical processes, events and pivotal figures, the interactions between them and from multitudinous viewpoints. Comprehending the interconnectivity between these factors excited my intellectual curiosity and has enabled me to critique and analyse information more broadly to a higher level of nuance and subtlety.
My political and historical interests have encouraged each other; I am keenly aware of national politics and foreign affairs – with a view to embarking on a career in international relations. I have an interest in languages, etymology and shared vocabularies in regions, which again shares a reciprocal relationship with history.
Beyond academia, I have always loved the arts – particularly music, film and theatre. I regularly go to see live music, from local jazz venues to bigger arenas, and have been very lucky to have seen some legendary artists, both vintage and up-and-coming. Living near London has made it easy to see high-quality stage acting, outside of West-End musicals. During most of my university years I lived in New Cross, SE London, where I had access to a wealth of cutting edge talent across the arts in South London. I am a fan of independent and small-chain cinemas, many of which run vintage and foreign-language classics. I have been pursuing a modest career in acting, being involved in professional and amateur productions, when time has permitted after academic work.

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Tutoring Experience

The benefit I bring to students is my fresh connection to their studies, as a young graduate. Having achieved 10 A*s and 5 As at GCSE level, some of which were taken one-two years early, as well as 3 As at A-Level very recently, I will draw on my own direct experience to help tutees achieve the grades they have the potential to achieve. Only a few years ago I wrote my own UCAS application for universities, where I received unconditional offers from LSE, UCL, KCL and SOAS and reached the interview stage for Oxford. I have had great success with my students, having helped them get into their desired universities.
Whether it is the content students find difficult to comprehend; essay writing style or coursework structure; or exam technique, I will be able to guide them past pitfalls and obstacles. By the end of the year, students will feel confident in their ability both to provide sophisticated analysis and express themselves lucidly.
I am someone who has worked in a variety of situations, with a variety of people. From work experience at The Independent, Old Bailey and Royal Courts of Justice to working in a busy service station; as a bartender; in a fashion boutique and dealing vinyl records at South London markets, my life experience helps me adapt very quickly to individual personalities. With students, I will be able to converse at ease with them, building a warm and friendly relationship which will be key for their tuition to progress seamlessly.

Tutoring Approach

Tuition plans need to be bespoke for each students’ abilities, aims and course structure.
Broadly, my intention will primarily be to coach them to directly address their course content as the relevant exam board desires it. Content analysis, writing style and essay technique – timed and coursework-based – will be honed and improved upon to reach this target. This is how to ensure high-level results.
To achieve the very highest results, I will help students understand the finer nuances around a subject and draw on a wider knowledge-base. Finding connections and hidden links in many aspects of life has been something I have been intrigued by for a few years now. I believe my natural interest in this has, in turn, helped me achieve highly and succeed academically. An analysis of a piece of literature informed by the historical context and political currents at the time, particularly an understanding of the specific setting of the novel, will enable a heightened appreciation of the characters – their fears, hopes, use of language – the plot and themes. Understanding why a revolution, war or political event has happened, is often made clearer with an understanding of the contemporaneous and preceding philosophical and cultural shifts in that society.
If possible, I ideally hope to inspire students to develop a genuine passion for the subject I teach them in. I want them to enjoy the subject in and of itself, even if they do not choose to continue it at higher-education, and see its macroscopic value and significance in the world around them.

LanguagesEnglish (British), French
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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The London School of Economics and Political Science2017BachelorsHistory (2:1)
Langley Grammar School2013SchoolHistory: A (A-Level)
Langley Grammar School2013SchoolEnglish: A (A-Level)
Langley Grammar School2013SchoolPhilosophy & Ethics: A (A-Level)

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