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GCSE £100.00
A-Level £100.00
Casual Learner £100.00


Hourly Rate
GCSE £100.00
A-Level £100.00
Casual Learner £100.00


Hourly Rate
GCSE £100.00
A-Level £100.00
Casual Learner £100.00

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I am a researcher at University College London (UCL) in physical/theoretical chemistry. I work on a variety of subjects, ranging from improving our understanding of Earth's climate (tackling climate change) to helping to develop novel techniques for cancer therapy.
In my research I solve mathematical, physical and chemical problems on a daily basis.

Besides my job, I enjoy tutoring very much. This is not just because it is a great feeling to help people to overcome difficulties they face in different subjects, but also because I find it absolutely amazing to see how, with the right approach, the common perception of science can be completely changed from 'boring and terribly difficult' into something which is not only understandable but even more so joyful.

Tutoring Experience:

In total, I have more than five years of tutoring experience.

Whilst I was living in Italy and Austria, I tutored high school and university students there.
In London I tutor for more than two years now.
I am very familiar not only with the curricula and different exams boards, but also the textbooks used to teach these subjects.
This gives me the distinct advantage of knowing the strengths and more importantly the weaknesses of different books/lecture notes/online material of explaining certain topics.

I can proudly say that all my previous tutees were very happy with my tutoring style (for more details please take a look at my feedback).
So far I have not had a single case where I could not explain something in an understandable and memorable way (and I am not planning to change that).
Because of this, I can also proudly say that the results my tutees achieved are absolutely amazing.

Tutoring Approach:

My approach is very simple: I do not have 'one style' which I make use of with every student.
Instead, I tailor my lesson to the individual needs of the tutee.

What I feel like, based on my experience, is that most students have problems in very specific (and more or less always the same) areas. Where the individuality comes in is in the way different people are able to take in and process information most efficiently and effectively.
Some prefer just a very clear explanation, others understand things much better in a visual way (drawings and sketches + waving around with my arms) or simply need some very good (and meaningful) examples.
Most of the times, a combination of those is best.

I think I can now say that I am very good at picking up which approach is suited best for the student (usually within 30 minutes in the first lesson; and more often than not my feeling about this is very different from what the student might have thought about him/herself).
I also think I am very quick at connecting with the student on a personal level, which I feel is very important because learning (and asking questions!) is so much easier in a friendly and relaxed environment.

One last thing worth mentioning here, I think, is what I believe sets me aside from other tutors.
The honest answer is, there are many absolutely great tutors around (as you can convince yourself from the feedback generally given).
What makes me special amongst them is that I actively work in chemistry/physics/maths research every single day, I make a living by advanceing these fields. I guess you could well say that science is a big part of my life.
And I surely could not do this if I wasn't enthusiastic, passionate and full-heartedly devoted to it.
How does all of that affect the lessons I give?
I believe as a student you can just feel my enthusiasm, and getting taught science is just so much easier if the tutor is doing it with his whole heart (+ I have many amazing stories to share, showing HOW the things we learn in the lessons are bettering the lifes of millions of people every day in the real world).

If you took your time for reading all of this, then I would first of all like to thank you for it.
And secondly please feel free to contact me here (with absolutely no strings attached) for any questions.

Best regards,


  • University College London (2018) - Chemistry PhD (Doctorate) (in progress)
Native Language: German
Additional Languages: English (British), German, Italian
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (evenings)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)

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