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I am a very experienced qualified teacher who is friendly and hardworking!

I follow the state school holidays and am available this holidays during the last two weeks, so from 19th August 2019.
Of interest? Please contact me asap, if not please read on!

I currently work in local schools for about 50% of the week leaving me time and energy to tutor after school!
Being in schools keeps me up to date with changes in the curriculum etc.

I am available in the day for those not in school and especially for home schooled children,

I am keen to help those who have been told that they are useless at maths or have lost confidence in their ability to be able to do maths.
Maths doesn't need to be one of those subjects that is hated!

•Have been tutoring since 2006 with tutees aged from 9 to 17 year olds .
•Recently helped pupils prepare for entrance exams (incl Scholarship) to the Perse, the Leys (for yrs 7, 9 & 12) and Kings Ely. The successful Scholarship pupil at the latter was commended on his maths.

•I am currently tutoring from Year 3, but a lot of my work is based around SATs and GCSEs.

Please note that for legal reasons I am called by my first name on this site.
However, since I was a baby I have been called by my second name, Peter, so I tend to answer to this!

I am happy to travel but a journey of over 30/35 minutes I would negotiate regarding the travelling time.
Cambridge is possible depending on location and my other commitments.

Tutoring Experience

Over 10 years teaching experience.
Have taught in a boys grammar, a mixed prep school, and two 11-18 secondary schools.
Have taught maths to GCSE and religious studies to A level.

I have had had plenty of experience in preparing Year 11's for GCSE Maths and have helped many students to move from D to C and C to B, but can also tutor at an A* level. (N.B. Of course the grading system has now changed but most people at the moment are still talking about A-C grades, for those conversant please read 3 to 4/5/6 and 7/8)

I also have experience of iGCSEs.

As an Old Elean I have been though the Public school system but having taught in large comprehensives have experience across the board - including home education.

Tutoring Approach

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and for more details scroll down past this section.

A relaxed approach - but this does not mean I expect the tutee to do little! On the contrary one hours tuition requires concentration and effort, but even maths can be fun.
Normally we start from where the tutee is stuck and go from there, but I am adaptable.

I always visit the tutee in their home and expect an adult to be present in the house at the same time. The adult is of course welcome to stay in the lesson, but I normally find that children and teenagers work best without (as an example) a parent hovering nearby.

I have two referee contact details on the system and can provide a third from the previous deputy head at the prep school I worked at for 5 years.


The Longest Day, JUNE 2019
Oh my word! I last posted in early September 2018.....I haven't been away, just very busy, but now Maths GCSE has finished it's a great time to contact me as I have space available AND it's a great time to get a tutor up and running before the holidays.

Good luck to all those returning to school or starting a new one!
I have some spaces available more towards the end of the week, so please don't delay, contact me today!

JUNE 2018; unfortunately I now charge a cancellation fee. I do this with regret - I have been tutoring for over ten years and it has not been necessary before - but I have had clients often cancelling with a few hours prior to the tuition.
So, I now charge unless there is 24 hours notice of cancellation.

End of JUNE 2018
I've said it before (& before!) that now is the time to sort things for your Year 5 and/or Year 10 child for NEXT year.
It takes a bit of time to get things up and running and most tuition isn't magic, more like an Aga than a microwave to use an analogy.

Early JUNE 2018
Right in the middle of GCSEs.
Time to breathe deeply and reap the benefits of routine study and tuition over the year!

APRIL 2018
Flat out now, as any good tutor should be!
I still have time to answer queries though and believe it or not, it's now a good time to book me in for next September as my SATs tutees stop soon!

Truly time flies and it's busy,busy, busy.
But do still get in touch!!

Truly time flies!
I am pretty full at the moment but not completely!

Well the first set of numbered results are in. There's been a lot to tackle this year and the three papers in the exam were a bit of an unknown.
Once again just like with the SATs; lessons over the whole of the academic year are what pays dividends!

JULY 2017
Phew! The end of term is in sight and the SAT results are in.
My tutees have all 'exceeded expectation' which is good news all round!
Once again it shows the value in starting in September and working steadily.
Normally tutoring, if you want an analogy, is more like an Aga or slow cooker than a microwave!

Oh my word, where has the time gone?
I am very busy at the moment in the run up to SATs and GCSEs.
I've said it before, but it's worth saying again that the earlier you start having a tutor the better. It's not too early to have a tutor in Year 5 for Year 6 and Year 10 for Year 11.

Where has September gone?!
I have one or two spaces left and now is the time to fill them!
It really is true that the earlier you start with a tutor the better!
Of course I'd say that, I hear you cry! But for a reason!
Over the many years I have now tutored, time and time again, it is the early bird who gains the most benefit.

June 2016
Well, the dust has settled and I have some free spaces now all the GCSE tutees have stopped!
A bit of holiday work is always a good idea - do get in touch!

Need a final input before the exam? I have some time on Saturday afternoon free.
Working on Saturday is not as bad as it sounds!!

Easter 2016
Really busy with the last push before the GCSEs
Have free slots on Thursdsy and Friday at 8pm and Saturday from 4pm.
Don't delay!

March 2016
Year 6 girl successfully into the Perse!

February 2016
Wednesday slot gone, so just Monday at moment.

Mid January 2016
I currently have a slot free on a Monday and after 7pm on a Wednesday.

January 2016
Have been busy working over the holidays with a Year 6 girl applying to the Perse and Christs Hospital.

Currently tutoring from Year 2 to Year 11 !

28th September 2015
I have some spaces but please don't delay! The time to sort out a tutor for your childs GCSE exam is, in fact, NOW !
20th August
The day after:
Wow! What a difference passing GCSE Maths makes; it's not just a valuable qualification, it's a big self confidence boost as well!

30th June. Next June seems along way away, but now is actually the time to start laying the foundation!

9th June
It really has been very busy, but the GCSE Maths papers have been taken & there is now a chance to breathe!!
Just the Stats paper on the 18th.

16th April 2015
Just got my new Enhanced DBS Certificate through, which is of course available for you to see.
Very busy with SATs and GCSE at the moment!

1st March 2015
I now offer English for Yr 5 and Yr 6 at a introductory rate of just £15 an hour. I already have three children signed up for this!

February 2015
The evenings are getting lighter! High time to book a tutor!

January 2015 Hard to remember to write 2015! Time is whizzing by! Now is the time to sort out a tutor! Remember I can tutor on a Saturday as well!
(N.B.I do not normally tutor on a Sunday, except near exam time if necessary)

November 2014 with half term gone it's time to get a tutor sorted out before its Christmas!!

September 2014 The new school year is starting - as if you needed a reminder!

July 2014 I can currently tutor in and between Downham Market and Ely!

May 2014
Well it's is not long to go until GCSE maths!
(Am sure that no parent needs reminding of this!)
Some space available for some last minute help!!

January 2014. Well where has January gone? Have been very busy helping young students prepare for The Perse, The Leys and Kings Ely.
Now many are looking for SATs prep or help!

November 2013: Well I have been very busy in the run up to November GCSEs and am still helping others to prepare for public school entrance exams at both 11+ and 13+. However there are still one or two spaces, so please do email me!

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Durham1994PGCEQualified Teacher Status
Birmingham University1987BachelorsBA (Hons)

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