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Written by G H
" Our son thought Paul was quite outstanding ......

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Firstly I am a fully qualified(UK) and experienced(20 years) classroom science and maths teacher so you will not be risking your child's important academic career with a non teacher or inexperience. I am presently employed by 2 schools as a Consultant Tutor which involves assessing the suitability of perspective tutors in addition to both teaching and tutoring.
I have an excellent record of success where grades normally increase by at least a minimum of 2.

I am marker for some London exam boards and hence familiar with developing exam techniques.
I attend many teaching courses and am thus up to date with all modern teaching and assessing techniques. A 100% 24 hour cancellation fee applies.

Tutoring Experience

Experience and further feedback references

I am presently employed by 2 schools as their 'super' tutor. One in which I deliver one to one, small group and classroom tutoring and teaching for both D/C and A/A* students as well as classroom teaching. In the other schools I undertake intensively revision classes. Recen
I am a highly experienced classroom teacher in Biology and Chemistry to A level and GCSE science both single and double awards. I have taught in both Northern |Ireland and London I have had excellent results both at classroom level and and as a private tutor. In the classroom I use many strategies to create a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience. I use teaching techniques that actually work which match the learners cognitive style. I have been head of science in one school for sometime.
Classroom teacher for 10 years - head of science for 2 years - visiting lecturer for 10 years - exam marker 2 years - tutor for 15 years.
Additional feedback
Written by Mark P
A great Home Tutor would recommended him 100%
Paul has been tutoring my son at home for the past 3yrs.
He has really helped him with his understanding of Science and Maths.
His predicted grades were low, he has acheieved great GCSE results.
Paul in always on time and his never missed a planned session.
He is flexible and with notice will try to accommodate any changes.
I would recommend him 100%
Subject: Science Outcome: My son now had two great grade GCSE's in Biology & Physics (two years early) and is predicted a great garde in Chemistry this year. Thanks Paul
Written by Sandra S
Paul McCusker
Subject taught Chemistry and Biology A level

Mr McCusker has been tutoring my son since September 2014. Mr McCusker is an extremely professional tutor. He has been able to enhance my son's learning by interacting with him in a friendly and informative manner. Mr McCusker has been able to engage with my son to improve his confidence with the subject matter.
Subject: Biology Outcome: The final exams will be in the summer of 2015. I am pleased with the progress so far.
Written by Elena L
Paul McCusker
Paul is a wonderful, professional and attentive teacher.
He tutored both my sister and I in biology and always arrived on time for every single session. He is a positive teacher who is great at explaining what you do not understand and takes his in making sure you fully comprehend the work at hand. Paul uses many different and exciting techniques that allowed me to fully engage with the topic and helped me remember everything I needed to know for my exam.
I not only learnt a great deal on the subject which helped me get a fantastic grade in my results, but I even eventually thoroughly enjoyed biology and I have Paul to thank for that!
Subject: Biology Outcome: I improved by two grades in my A-Level results!
Written by Lembe m
Brilliant tutor
I am indebted to Paul McCusker for providing excellent support and guidance in preparation towards my PhD examination in Medicinal Chemistry. Very thorough analysis of my work and excellent preparation for the PhD viva!
Subject: Chemistry Outcome: I passed!!
Written by Helen S
Excellent tutor
Paul McCusker is an excellent tutor. He taught my son A level Chemistry and Biology. He is enthusiastic and lively. My son, being a typical teenager, didn't want a tutor but changed his mind when Paul come round to teach him.
He has a wealth of teaching materials/past papers and is able to engage the student well. We can recommend him.
Subject: Chemistry Outcome: My son achieved the required A level grades needed to study an Ocean Science degree at university.
Written by Billie E
Expert teacher
Paul has taught my son Physics, Biology and Chemistry at GCSE and has significantly improved his confidence , abilities and grades. He has always been clear about session times and is punctual. He makes the lessons demanding and enjoyable and he is someone I would really recommend.
Subject: Science Outcome: My son got a B in Biology, an A in Physics, improving his maths at the same time and should get an A-A* in his Chemistry this year. He has become confident and able.
Written by Cynthia M
Excellent Tutor for Science
I have know Paul for over 6 years and found him to be highly experienced in his field of tutoring/teaching. He is very professional, yet friendly in his approach. He is able to identify students' strengths, weaknesses and learning style swiftly, to advise and implement the most appropriate mode of teaching that is best tailored to the individual student. By using this technique, he was a superb tutor for my daughter; I would recommend him to any parent/s or student that is serious about their academic progression.
Subject: Science Outcome: My daughter's confidence in learning Science grew, she achieved A* in GCSE Additional Science and A in Core Science. She went on to study A-level Sciences and has now obtained a Science degree.
Written by Blanche S
Great Science and Maths Tutor
Paul has been tutoring with us for a couple of years now. Paul is extremely reliable, and gets great results from his students. The grades of all the students he has tutored have improved to an impressive degree. Paul brings with him a weatlh of experience, a strong and inspiring personality, and the ability to get the most out of all he teaches.
Subject: Mathematics Outcome: An excellent tutor who will guarantee to improve students grades.
Written by Mike H
Dr Paul McCusker
Dr McCusker is an extremely capable and effective Science. I have known him since he taught Science at Tom Hood School in the nineteen eighties. He teaches Chemistry and Biology from GCSE to A2 and he also teaches Maths. He has delivered several Master Classes at my school-Walworth Academy-to Year 12 and 13 students taking AS/A2 Chemistry and Biology.
Subject: Science Outcome: Pupils find his teaching clear and illuminating and he moves their learning forward. He is particularly effective in helping students access exam questions and apply their knowledge. Not only do stude
Written by Sarah J
Outstanding tutor
Paul McCusker is an outstanding science and maths tutor who is extremely talented at getting the best out of his pupils. He is very good at explaining difficult and complicated scientific concepts in a way that is engaging and approachable. He is diligent and well-prepared for lessons and knows how to help every child achieve their full potential.
Subject: Biology Outcome: My son got an A in biology at A-level and Paul is currently tutoring my daughter for her biology and chemistry A-levels and my other son for his GCSE science and maths.
Written by Jennie r
Biology Tutor
Paul undertook regular weekly tutorials with my daughter who at that time was taking Biology AS and A2. He was focused. He knew the curriculum and the changes in the examination requirements very well. He had an exceptional skill at assessing the strengths and the weaknesses in a child's understanding of the subject matter. He was flexible giving additional tutorials before the examination. Paul assisted my daughter in developing study skills and most importantly, confidence in her ability to successfully navigate this subject
Subject: Biology Outcome: She attained an A in AS and in A2

Tutoring Approach

I like to create a relaxed and friendly environment where the student feels free to answer - as a wrong answer is usually more informative as to how a student perceives a subject rather than a correct one! If concept perception is a problem I can use many different teaching styles ( on average 5) to convey that topic from different angles. I can readily identify a student's weakness and work on this. I am excellent at installing confidence in a student by either revisiting and/or strengthening their weaknesses. Developing examination technique is my forte. I am firm but considerate.
Students tend to like me a lot! I have a caring and sensitive nature to my tutoring. My many years of classroom teacher and tutoring means that your child only gets the best.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Queen's Uni Belfast1985BachelorsBScgenetics and biochemistry
Glasgow Uni1986MastersMedical Genetics
Monash Uni1990DoctorateMolecular biology
Exeter University1991PGCETeaching qualification

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