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Hello! The world is full of so many astonishing things, and these things connect to one another in beautiful patterns, many of which we lump together (not without reason!) and collectively term 'mathematics'. I love learning (that is, I love ferreting out these patterns), and I love introducing others to the joy of discovery! Unfortunately, sometimes these patterns require the use of some fairly tricky tools to decipher—but I love helping people understand how to use these tools, too!

I spent two years concentrating in mathematics at Princeton University before moving my degree focus to the history of mathematics; on my way to uni, I earnt A grades in Maths, Further Maths, and Physics. (A* grades were not yet awarded at A-Level.) During my A-Level studies, I spent two months living with and being mentored by John Horton Conway, with whom I worked on a (sadly unpublished) paper comprising certain properties of André numbers and a new proof of the von Staudt–Clausen theorem. I have plenty of other interests, including theological ethics, in which I recently received my masters degree, but my love of mathematics remains strong, as does my desire to see that love awakened in struggling students, no matter their ability!

Tutoring Experience

I've been tutoring over Skype for hundreds of hours over the past six years, working with students from the USA, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. I've also spent dozens of hours helping A-Level and GCSE students with their maths in person.

Tutoring Approach

I try to adjust lesson structure according to what works best for the tutee. Usually, though, I help the student to understand the concepts at hand by Socratic reasoning (asking them leading questions until they come to the principles behind the concept), which not only helps to cement the answer better in their memory but also increases their understanding of the mysterious patterns at work in mathematics. The more they realise the patterns at play, the more mathematics is transformed from a subject of rote memorisation into an art they can practise and play around with (and even find fun!). I have the patience and enthusiasm to stick with the student through the line of reasoning, and at every step I want to affirm them, rather than reinforce any negative connotations they have with studying the subject.

Tutoring fees are negotiable according to need.

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Home-schooled2006CollegeA-Level in Mathematics (A)
Home-schooled2007CollegeA-Level in Further Maths (A)
Home-schooled2008CollegeSTEP II (2) & STEP III (2)
University of Aberdeen2017MastersTheological Ethics
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