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Primary £40.00
Secondary £40.00
GCSE £40.00


Hourly Rate
Primary £40.00
Secondary £40.00
GCSE £40.00
A-Level £50.00


Hourly Rate
Primary £40.00
Secondary £40.00
GCSE £40.00
A-Level £40.00
University £50.00
Casual Learner £40.00

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14 Plus £40.00
College £40.00

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Personal Description:

I studied as an academic scholar at the University of Oxford and achieved a Msc in malaria vaccine research and a Bsc in "Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry".

I am currently studying for an accelerated degree in Medicine at the University of London, which I chose to provide contrast to my teaching at Oxford. The accelerated, graduate medical course is the most competitive course to gain a place on in the UK. My aim is to specialise in surgery in the near future as well as completing my PHD.

At school I achieved 3A*s and 2As at A level as well as further maths and was the only student in my schools history to successfully complete 5 A levels. Straight A*s and As at GCSE and a scholarship to Magdalen College and the University of Oxford complete my academic background. My history of academic achievement has culminated in producing published work for a research group and being awarded an academic scholarship at Oxford. I was extremely honoured to be awarded this scholarship as it placed me amongst some of Oxfords most famous and successful alumni.

Outside of a rather intense academic life I am primarily a musician. I have sung in the national youth choir, as a scholar at university and with a recording contract. I have produced studio albums from scratch, including writing all the material as well as achieving the music grades at school in 3 instruments.

Tutoring Experience:

If the tutee has any future aspiration to study at Oxford or Cambridge then the experience I can provide is invaluable.

Please see "approach to tutoring" for more details. I have, for my age, significant experience in this area. At Oxford we had "tutorials" multiple times a week in which we would be tutored one-on-one, and tutor, the dean of the college. This allowed me to really understand what works and what doesn't, especially with more difficult subject matter.

At medical school small group learning carries a similar theme, we tutor each other on the core content and die to my background I often find myself teaching students sometime decades older than myself.

At secondary school and at oxford I organised clubs whereby struggling students could come and I would endeavour to help them. This was extremely successful and this was echoed in the exam results of the students.

At medical school I am organising a journal club which will follow my philosophy on learning. A student will be given a journal article to read before each session and we will go through discussing its methodology, implications within the field and its clinical significance.

It should be noted that I was once a tutee myself! I had many tutors and I know what works and what doesn't.

Tutoring Approach:

Every student is completely different and each have different goals. Whether the aim is to pass a specific exam, to achieve a place at university, or to simply improve an innate understanding of the material the key is to tailor the approach to the individual.

For that reason it is difficult to be specific in this short description. However I have tutored pupils that require everything from a very hands on, visual framework to those that just require guidance through the core principles of a given topic.

Despite differences in the correct approach to teaching I will always provide the following:

1) A self learning based approach - It is no good for me to simply feed the student the answers. To provoke long term memory and understanding the student has to think for themselves with my guidance. Think of it more like a conversation than a lecture. This is how Oxford teach and expect students to learn and it is by far the most effective method.

2) focus on interest and innate understanding rather than the nitty gritty - Put simply, if a student enjoys a topic and is interested in it then they are far more likely to do well. The nitty gritty detail can be learned from a textbook but where confusion lies in a general understanding of the basics. Of course I am thorough with the detail but If I cannot make the subject matter interesting at the beginning then they wont retain it.

3) Work to time constraints e.g exam dates - Of course in an ideal world a tutor will inspire and interest, however in the real world students have to ace exams. I have never achieved anything less than an A in any exam I have ever taken and I will ensure that every tutee achieves their upmost potential in key exams.

4) Provide homework - I always provide practice questions and ask that pupils do some reading after each session. Not only does this improve exam results but it makes each session far more efficient and successful. It means that we can have proper conversations right from the start which is not only better for the tutee but also makes each session great value.

5) Tie in other areas - Science often cannot be classified into need boundaries, to aid proper understanding it is always cool to relate one area of say, biology GCSE, to something they are studying in Chemistry. Sure that may not be so useful in terms of passing an exam but for long term appreciation and enjoyment of academia is is invaluable.


  • St Georges Hospital (2018) - MBBS - medicine (Other) (in progress)
  • University of Oxford (2015) - 2:1 MBiochem (Masters) (✔ On File)
  • University of Oxford (2015) - 1st class Bsc - scholar (Bachelors) (✘ Not On File)
  • Wellington College (2011) - 3A*s 2As - A level (School) (✘ Not On File)
Native Language: English (British)
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)

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