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I’m a highly imaginative and skilful native-Chinese speaking tutor with excellent teaching abilities demonstrated by 10 years of language teaching experience as a university English teacher in China and freelance Chinese instructor in the UK.

As a passionate and diligent Chinese language tutor, I love my job to bits and am 100% dedicated to assisting tutees in achieving their goals with great satisfaction and enjoyment.

I enjoy helping the learners across all age ranges escalate their confidence and appetite for Chinese language and focusing on strategic and innovative teaching in order for the learners to reach the fullest potential and hit their targets in the QUICKEST possible time!

Here are some Specialized Courses I have designed -

Guarantee excellent mastery of Chinese pronunciation system, coupled with tricky tones; 300-400 highly frequently used words and 10 basic daily conversational scenarios.

GCSE ELEVATION COURSE (within the shortest or required time):
Support learners to elevate their scores from Fail/C to A/A*.

A LEVEL EXCELLENCE COURSE (within the shortest or required time):
Support learners to achieve A/ A* to pave their way for further university degree learning.

Guarantee primary and efficient communication with Chinese business partners to build a strong working relationship and reflect an impressive corporate image.

MEGA-SPEEDY COURSE (2 hours per session; not suitable for kids):
Support learners to grasp 40-50 Chinese words within 2 hours (perfect for exam takers with the limited timescale; I have developed this unique teaching technique to ensure learners can master 40-50 Chinese words/characters at the end of a 2-hour session).

My tuition service includes face-to-face and online courses -

• Academic Chinese (GCSE, A Level, University Degree and HSK1-6, etc.)
• Chinese for Kids
• Chinese for Adults/Casual Learners
• Business Chinese
• Travel Chinese
• Survival Chinese
• Chinese business culture and etiquette

Based in Southampton, I am interested in writing, travelling, interior design, cooking and learning to play the piano.

Tutoring Experience

I officially began teaching Chinese in 2010 in the UK, and have supported a large variety of learners in meeting their academic, business, work and personal requirements. Over the years, I have gained oceans of experience and skills in inspiring and encouraging the learners in Chinese and felt profusely proud of those who had achieved top scores in academic exams, dealt confidently with China-based business clients or gained the edge over the rest of the colleagues at work.

With M.A. in English Language from Xi’an University of Foreign Languages, China and B.A. in English Language Education in Shaanxi Teacher’s University, China, I taught English as a second language in a Chinese university and was rewarded as an Excellent Teacher.

I was employed in international companies during 2012-2015 as translator, China Business Development manager and consultant. I have successfully assisted an industry-leading shipping company in cracking open the China market, set up a Beijing representative office, creatively promoted and monitored the company’s brand in China, negotiated contract deals with Chinese companies and instructed company staff in Chinese business culture and etiquette.

Tutoring Approach


To optimise the learners’ efficiency and effectiveness to achieve or excel their learning objectives, I apply a tailor-made strategic teaching programme.

This programme is a method of planning and making decisions about how a course is delivered depending on a student's age, personality, background, learning pattern, learning goal, teaching materials, tools and technology facilities.

Once these facts are assessed, I will be able to map out learning content, lesson structures, teaching methodology and assessment methods, etc.

My customised blueprints are not rigid but always handy to make adequate alterations to perfectly accommodate the learner's needs all the time. I frequently seek feedback and comments to ameliorate the programme.

Utilising strategic teaching plans will unambiguously pin down learning aims, stages, execution methods and timescales, etc. so that I will be able to provide all the learners with robust and constructive support in achieving their objectives in the shortest possible time.


Each learner is individual and receives and processes knowledge in a unique way, so I execute diverse teaching skills and techniques to different individuals.

To demonstrate my theory, I roughly break learners down into kid and adult ones.

Kids have a fairly narrow attention span but are attracted to games, stories, songs and rhymes, so interacting activities equivalent will be brought into class. Then I’ll be able to let words and sentences flow and sink in more easily and naturally and keep the children fully focused and engaged.

Colourful flashcards are fun and useful. After guidance and demonstration, I encourage the young learners to creatively produce their own phrases and simple sentences. The youngsters enjoy it and do great work.

To keep adult learners motivated and inspired, I encourage and assist them to be the person taking charge of class and support them to take on a multitude of thinking and communicative drills after theoretical information and knowledge are instructed and comprehended.

I intentionally guide the students to manipulate the target language in the way daily activities and familiar surroundings are fully employed as resources of language. It stirs inquisitiveness and the learners yearn to build sentences that portray moments of their real life.

LanguagesChinese, English (British), Japanese
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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