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Tired of feeling that whatever formula the teacher’s explaining has little to do with reality? Of asking "why" you're learning it? That's perfectly normal, I was like that too. Humans learn by doing, making mistakes, and starting again. I'll help you speed up that process and achieve your true potential.

Hi, my name is Martim. I am currently doing my Master's in Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College London and so, as you might have guessed, STEM has been present throughout my life.
I like to look at things differently. I like to understand them for myself, which doesn't always correspond to the "classical way", and I like to pass on that knowledge. For some, it's a revelation - a way that finally makes sense. For others, it's just another path to get to the "Final answer".

-> Why I Tutor:

There is a problem with the way students are taught today. As one of humankind's most powerful tools to understand the universe, I am appalled by the increasing number of students that dislike STEM. My goal is to change that. Maths and Science should be fun, and they should be for everyone! I enjoy working with students of all ages and levels, from Primary to A-Level, either discovering the content for the first time or perfecting their strategy for the upcoming exam.

Full Enhanced DBS Certificate available upon request

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Tutoring Experience

My experience spans many levels and subjects, from Primary to A-level, Maths to Physics and even entrance exams (11+ and 13+). I have worked with several tutoring agencies, both at the National and International levels, where I've had the opportunity to teach and help a variety of students from many different backgrounds. As such, I am confident that I will be able to help you to achieve your goals.

At the moment I'm mostly working (I)GSCE and A-Level students

-> Why I Started:

I started out tutoring in 2014 as a volunteer on a weekly basis. Mostly for my friends and younger kids in my boarding school. After realising not only the impact I was having but also how much I enjoyed teaching, I decided to start volunteering as a tutor at a local centre that helped underprivileged children with their schoolwork. I did it because I am really passionate about teaching and because I think that, when a student is learning the content in a class with 20 others, some gaps in the acquired knowledge are bound to happen. I can definitely say that it was one of the most impactful experiences I've had.

Tutoring Approach

My method is very simple, I believe that good tutoring can only be accomplished through a tailored, continual, and committed approach.

Every student is different, both in terms of objectives and ways of learning. But, as the content is the same for everyone, it is up to the tutor to know the tutee and tailor the information to his/her objectives. I do this by getting to know the student, on a session-to-session basis, and continually adjusting my teaching methods. Whatever the tutee's objective is, the only way to reach it is by committing. On my side, you can expect full my commitment to each and every one of my students.

Finally, I think that online tuition, although helpful in many cases, must be regarded as a last resort. As I see it, the only way I can fully engage and therefore fully understand and teach a student is by communicating face to face.

LanguagesEnglish (British), Portuguese, Spanish
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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Military School of Lisbon2019CollegeA-Level Equivalent
Imperial College London2021MastersMEng Aeronautical Engineering

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