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GCSE £30.00
A-Level £30.00
University £20.00
Casual Learner £20.00

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Personal Description:

I am a really enthusiastic expert in Modern Foreign Languages, specially Spanish, since I studied a five years Bachelor in “Spanish Linguistic and Literature” and a Master's degree of three years on “Literature and Theatre Spanish, Portuguese, and Latin American and Literature Theory”.

Tutoring Experience:

I have more than six years experience on teaching Spanish to a very wide range of ages and levels. In addition I have one year experience teaching Spanish Language and Literature for A levels and KS4 on two Spanish Secondary Schools.

Teaching experience
2012 Spanish Language Tutor in UK in a self employed bases in private tuition and for the teaching agency "European Language Solutions".

2010-2011 A-Levels and KS4 teacher of Language and Literature, Latin and Writing Workshop as a substitute in the Ntra. Señora del Socorro Secondary School

2007-2011 Teacher and Teaching Coordinator of Spanish as a Foreign Language in International Secondary School Ausias March of Picassent. During this period I taught one week courses of Spanish language and culture to multiple nationality groups of 30-40 people in ages between 11-20. During these summers I organized and coordinated one month courses to groups of Brazilians in ages between 13-15.

2008-2010 Instructor for the Entrance Examination to the Spanish Public Further Education in the International Secondary School Ausias March and the Instituto Inter of Valencia.

2009 A-Levels and KS4 teacher of Language and Literature and Latin as substitute in the Francisco Llopis Secnodary School of Lliria.

2006-2009 Teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language hired out by several schools as Taronja School International House Valencia, Route 66 and International Secondary School Ausias March. During this period I get my first deep contact with the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language with multiple nationality groups and one to one lessons.

Tutoring Approach:

Here you have some examples of the courses I often teach. But, if you do not find what you need, please just let me know and Iwill be glad to increase the list!

Perfect for a Spanish-speaking holiday: In this course you will learn the basics in order to solve, with confidence, any situation you may encounter on your trips all over the Spanish-speaking world.

In this course we will primarily study, among other things:
- How to read Spanish: a basic skill that will allow you, not only to accurately pronounce all written Spanish, but also to much better understand the Spanish you will hear.
- Introductions: everything you need to know in order to introduce yourself to others, as well as understanding formulaic greetings and their correct use.
- Vocabulary: You will learn all the vocabulary you will need to deal with the locals in hotels, shops, ticket offices, as well as essentials such as asking for addresses, etc.
- Sociolinguistic: Understanding that a language goes hand in hand with the understanding of a culture. We will prepare specific material for you to netter understand the customs, traditions and idiosyncrasy of the people you will meet on your trips.

You think you are beginner, but I am sure you know much more Spanish than you think! This course is perfect for people that have learned Spanish a long time ago at school or on a holiday, but who now think they have forgotten all of it. Additionally, people that already know another romance language such as French, Italian or Portuguese, can be taught Spanish with surprising speed.

In this course we will do, among many other things:
- Testing exercises to discover your actual level of Spanish
- A panoramic view into the whole Spanish grammar, focusing on your weaknesses and taking advantage of your strengths.
- Conversation: Specific exercises to improve your fluency as much in your listening comprehension as in your oral expression.
- In short, we will build a course tailored to your needs and commensurate with your level, even if you did not know it.

This course is perfect for those who have been studying Spanish for a long time, or have been living in a Spanish environment and they already feel comfortable at B1 or B2 levels; this is to say that they enjoy an “independent use of the language”. This level is a critical period in which lot of students, although having a strong grasp of the language, they still get stuck with several persistent grammar and pronunciation mistakes that do not allow them to rise to a higher linguistic knowledge.

Among other things, incorporated into this course will be:
- An overview to detect your more persistent mistakes
- How to perfect the pronunciation of your preferred Spanish dialect
- The most difficult verb tenses with all the accompanying irregularities
- Key solutions to understanding the subjunctive mode
- How to use accurately the pronominal verbs
- Difficulties of ser/estar; por/para,etc.

Language is a beautiful and ancient motor that if you don´t use regularly, it becomes rusty and ineffective. If you want to maintain your advanced level of Spanish, or if you want to take the final step to be able to pass yourself off as a native Spanish speaker, this is the course for you.

In it we will study, among many other things:
- Phonetics and pronunciation. One of the last difficulties in learning a language is to get the proper accent. We will work, not only on your pronunciation of certain letters but also the tone of your vowels and the intonation of your vocal expression.
- Grammar difficulties: final, consecutive, adverbial, and causal subordinate clauses; modal adverbial and temporal clauses with or without the subjunctive; advanced use of the infinitive, gerund and participle; use of written accents; etc.
- Real Spanish expression. Besides the correct use of formal language, we will focus on the Spanish you will find in the street. It will help you not only to understand the colloquial use of the language but also to get the sense of humour, irony, and go further in the comprehension of films, books and media culture.

PREPARATION FOR DELE (all levels since A1 to C2)
The Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (the diploma for Spanish as a foreign language). We specialize in teaching, helping and preparing students of all levels for their appropriate DELE level exam. There are two annual DELE exams held right here in London. If you would like more information about these exams, their criteria and how they are scored and what we can do to assist your preparation, then just contact us.

If you are looking for the best value way to improve your international business relations when dealing with clients or partners in Spain or Latin America, we offer bespoke group or individual language courses specifically tailored for your company´s requirements. With our flexible philosophy we can work around your busy business schedule, providing the easiest and best value way to improve your employee´s and company´s communication with important foreign markets.

In our business courses we will study among many other things:
- Correspondence – teaching how to write a formal letter. Greetings, letter openings, signing off a letter. Effective email writing.
- Formal or informal writing style? Courteous expression: indirect expression / use of the conditional or subjunctive. Ideal structures for formal and concise written communication.
- Speech designed to aid graphic presentations and the use of various other media.
- Comparing figures and percentages, comparative expressions and expressing approximate figures.
- Guide to writing business texts in Spanish.

Native Language: Spanish
Additional Languages: Catalan, Italian, Latin
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
References Available: Yes (✔ On File)


  • Universidad de Valencia (2008) - First-class honours (Masters) (✘ Not On File)
  • Universidad de Valencia (2005) - 2:1 BSc Philology (Bachelors) (✘ Not On File)

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