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Hello, I'm Kevin. I am a doctoral researcher at the University of Glasgow, where I am in the second year of my PhD. My main area of research is within Scottish Literature, a subject in which I also hold a Masters degree and a First-Class Honours degree. My academic qualifications are really just a reflection of how much I enjoy studying and engaging with literature and, more generally, English, as an academic subject.

I have been privately tutoring for the past three years, at both Higher and National 5 levels. The pupils I worked with did go on to improve their performance in both classwork and exams, which was as a result of becoming more comfortable with the subject through the extra tutoring they received.

I have a good knowledge of the Scottish Higher and National curriculums, and have a wide range of resources to help students further with all aspects of their studies, from close reading to (both creative and critical) essay writing.

Tutoring Experience

I have tutored two high school students over the past three years, taking on an additional student towards the end of last year. Working at levels ranging from National 5 to Higher, I have been able to offer extra support throughout the year, not just in exam preparation.

I am currently employed as a Top-Up Tutor on the Widening Access programme, run out of the University of Glasgow. This programme is designed to encourage students to consider university as an option on leaving school, and therefore I have a great deal of contact time working with students from high schools across Glasgow. This role involves teaching a variety of specifically designed courses, ranging from Public Art to Science, and aims to replicate the university experience. It has been hugely beneficial in allowing me to enhance my approach in working with younger students and developing teaching methods to help with their understanding of specific subjects.

I also took part in a mentoring scheme run in conjunction with the University of Glasgow and two secondary schools in Glasgow, Stonelaw and Trinity. This project was designed to give students working on Advanced Higher English dissertations a point oif contact, outside of their school, to discuss their work with. I worked with three students on their projects, which included to face-two-face meetings (one at the university, one at the school) and then corresponded by email for further advice.

I will commence work this year as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Glasgow, taking seminars for students in the second-year of the undergraduate Scottish Literature course. Although working with texts at an expected higher level than high school, the objective and approach is ultimately the same, as the need to engage students with the materials in order to aid their understanding and response is vitally important.

Tutoring Approach

My friendly nature and my enthusiasm for English as a subject makes me an ideal private tutor. I like to build a rapport with my tutees and let them know that I am there as additional support, not as another teacher. All of my previous tutees have been able to increase their grades by at least one level (e.g. from B -> A) but this is only in part to the extra tutoring: their own hard work and determination has been the main factor.

I prefer to let the tutee lead the session and let me know what they want to work on. I am always happy to speak to either the tutee or parent in advance of the session to prepare specific assistance and I am also happy to look over work outwith tutoring times. I am also happy to increase or decrease the amount of support required on a weekly basis.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
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University of Glasgow2016BachelorsScottish Literature and Language, 1st Class Honours
St Andrew's High School2004SchoolEnglish, A
University of Glasgow2017MastersScottish Literature
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